Customer Testimonials for 101 Auto Outlet

Brad and Kylee - 2015 Nissan Sentra


Amazing Experience! These folks are outstanding ... Scott, you have my business from now on!

Chuck and Mary - 2005 Chrysler Crossfire

5 out of 5 stars - Scott, Kane and Echo made purchasing our newest sporty addition easy, enjoyable and memorable! If you are looking for honest, knowledgeable and accommodating car sales folks then you definitely deserve to partner with these gentlemen! You’ll return again and again! Integrity, customer satisfaction and follow through are their cornerstones and we’re grateful to have found them here in AZ!

Kevin and Heather - 2011 Toyota Corolla


Far and away the best car buying experience I've ever had. Very friendly, zero pressure. Would absolutely buy from them again.

The Millers - 2017 Toyota Sienna


By the far the easiest car purchase I have EVER made. No games or tricks! The van was even better than advertised (they said there were small scratches, but I couldn't see them until they pointed them out to me!!). On top of it all, Scott negotiated an even better interest rate with the bank for us. He absolutely did not have to do that - we were so impressed that he did! I would highly recommend 101 Auto Outlet to anyone looking for a great deal and honest, professional people.

Vanessa - 2018 Subaru BRZ


0% hassle, 100% easy! That's how my experience went when I bought my car from Echo. He didn't BS me, try to add hidden fees and gave me the discounted price my bank questioned asked. The entire process took no more than 45 min from walking through the door to walking out with my new car.  I walked in ready to negotiate and I didn't need to. My boyfriend said it took the fun out of buying a car lol. I would 100% recommend someone go buy a car from Echo. The experience was fast, easy, with ZERO stress!

John and Mary - 2011 Chevy Cruz

Scott gave us the best experience with buying our car! He was friendly and had excellent customer service. He is not pushy and wants to make sure that you find the right car for you. The purchase was quick and easy. Definitely one of the best and quickest car buying experiences of my life! 10/10 recommend!

Tina and Fenel - 2011 BMW X5


Cole - 2016 Dodge RAM


For a first time vehicle buyer I had an amazing experience! I wasn’t pressured into giving information and the paperwork process was quick and easy. Thank you 101 auto outlet for making my first vehicle purchase a fantastic experience!

Ray - 2012 Hyundai Equus


Please read this review if you have any doubts about buying from 101 Auto Outlet. I bought a 2012 Hyundai Equus from them. Immediately after purchase, I experienced an intermittent problem with the electronically controlled suspension. As I have bought countless used vehicles in my life, this wasn’t the first time I have experienced a problem with a vehicle immediately after purchase, but the response I got from them was like no other. There was no hesitation, no excuses, no attempt to avoid their assistance in resolving the issue. All they said was, bring the car in and let’s take a look at it. First and foremost, they supplied me with a loaner car, while they looked at the Equus. I requested my old car as I was comfortable with using that and they obliged willingly. Regarding the Equus, I tried to explain to them that the car felt “splashy” intermittently. After a week or so of testing and evaluating, it was determined that it had something to do with the suspension system. Again, no attempt to avoid fixing the problem, or trying to convince me it’s not a problem, they just kept reassuring me I was going to be happy with the car. Again, I could write pages on what it took to evaluate and fix, and I researched the heck out of this car’s suspension system to know what was going on, and can attest, they did me right! The car drives perfectly and beyond my expectations of what an 8 year old car should drive like (FYI, I test drove numerous Equus’s and this by far is the nicest driving car of all of them). I bought this car because of the outstanding reviews I researched around the internet on these guys. I can attest, they are legitimate reviews and these guys are for real. I can’t tell you how many times Scott called me personally to assure me “we are going to make you happy” and they did! In short, my recommendation is that if you are going to buy a used car, these are the guys to buy from!

Tina - 2010 Mitsubishi Spyder


First of all let me start off by saying, I live in Tucson almost 2 hours away from where 101 Auto Outlet is located.... I would gladly drive that 2 hour drive(... in 3pm Phoenix traffic.... in 116 degree heat with no ac in my old car) there again!! This place exceeded my expectations. I can honestly say I will definetly be purchasing my next vehicle, and highly recommend that people come here to purchase their next vehicles too.

They communicated to me very well especially knowing I was traveling a bit to get there, all of their cars that they had were kept is such good and well maintained condition, and staff was very knowledgable and upfront. 

I can't say enough about how positive my overall experience was there. Having read other reviews about them before my visit, I can confidently say that all of those reviews were accurate, and you won't be disappointed! 

I have had my car now for about 3 weeks, and omg I am in love

Tony - 2012 Subaru WRX STI

I have to say, I've bought several cars in my time. The buying experience at 101 Auto Outlet was second to none! Big thanks to Scott, Echo, and the fam at 101 auto outlet! They took care of me every step of the way and they were super easy to work with. I would highly recommend buying a car here if you get the opportunity. The cars, the prices, and the people are all 5 stars!

Ida - 2012 Ford Fusion


I am very happy with my new car! And very pleased with the customer service! Thank you 101 Auto Outlet!

Desiree - 2014 Honda Civic


I have nothing but good things to say about 101 Auto Outlet! Great customer service, quick approval, and it didn’t take 4 hours to sign papers! I recommend this place to anyone looking to buy their next car.

Mike and Jennifer - 2016 Mazda CX5


Hi Scott,
We are thoroughly enjoying the 2016 Mazda CX-5 we purchased a couple of months ago. That was the best car buying experience I've ever had, and I've bought a lot of cars over the years. I am 70 years old. The price was very fair, the financing was great, and the lack of pressure was refreshing.

We'll look to you for our next auto purchase.

Alex - 2005 Subaru WRX


I purchased an 05 Subaru WRX. Scott was a real honest guy, did everything to make sure I can get the car. After a few days of having it, I had realized the power steering was going out, I had a talk with Scott and he shot me straight to his mechanic, John. I was glad to find out I'd be getting it taken care of, but I was skeptical whether he was experienced. Sure enough I met the mechanic and right away he agreed my power steering was out. He told me he'd take care of it right away, within 2 days I had my car back driving 2x as better. He was a very honest guy, and not only that he had extremely good reviews in the past about his previous customer service/ satisfaction. I was extremely happy with how they treated me, and the process of purchasing the car was real smooth.

Tyler - 2015 Chevy Malibu


Fast, friendly and made the process extremely fast for us! Thanks for being the best in the biz! You need a car...go see echo!

Tricia - 2013 Ford Mustang

I loooove my new car "Kermit" ??. Turns out is IS easy being green!

Cheyenne - 2016 Dodge Dart


They took amazing care of my daughter Cheyenne! Would recommend them to everyone!

Meg and Joey - 2013 Toyota Prius


Really great experience buying from Echo here! I went in seeking a used car and came back the next day to drive it after doing some research. The whole time I felt no pressure to buy and instead, I was given lots of information that I needed to make a decision.

My husband and I are really happy with our purchase so far and would definitely come back- although hopefully we won't need to for a while :)

Susan - 2004 Lexus ES350

Scott and Echo are so helpful and knowledgable. They helped me find the right car. This has been the second car that we have purchased from them. I will definately come back again when in need of another auto. I highly recommend 101 Auto Outlet. 

Perez - 2015 Chevy Cruz


Super easy and fun to buy a car from these guys. Absolutely no pressure and always get the best deals. I'll never buy a car from anyone else. Bought 4 cars from them and 2 friends have bought from them also. 0 issues

Tori - 2015 Ford Fusion


I have bought 4 cars from Scott at 101 and have recommended multiple friends and family to him. He's honest to a fault. I've known him and his family for years and I know that he doesn't treat me special. He just treats me like everyone else that walks in and that's like family. I love these guys and will always go to them for my cars which I have to say will probably be many more because I kind of have a problem! I love cars and Scott always has such a tempting selection! I know if he doesn't have it on the lot, he'll find it.
Thanks guys for helping me change cars like shoes!

Eric - 2012 Honda CR-Z


I just had an amazing experience. I called up and spoke with Echo, and within 10 minutes we agreed on the price for a car I saw on Autotrader. After arriving and taking it for a test drive, he had all the paperwork ready for me, so I just had to sign and I was given the keys. The entire process, starting with the phone call, including the test drive, and paperwork, took 30 minutes.

No pressure. No long hours negotiating. No time spent being beat up in the "finance office." Friendly, laid-back, guys looking to make an honest dollar.

I asked him who the parent company of 101 Auto Outlet was, and he laughed and pointed to a guy outside. "He's the owner." I love supporting small, local companies who are looking to do the right thing.

Plus, while their cars are sold "as-is" with no warranty, they do include a 15-day warranty for any major mechanical problems. So, that really put my mind at ease. If the car is going to make it a week with no problems, it should make it for a long time.

Kelley - 2015 Chevy Equinox


I was in a car accident last week and I needed to find a car fast. I spent a week dealing with crappy salesmen and people trying to add anything they could to the final price. 101 auto outlet was so easy and only asked for my drivers license before sending me on a test drive. No unnecessary credit checks, no pressure; so easy to work with and such great customer service. I would highly recommend going here if you’re looking for a used car.

Mona and Maizy - 2013 Mini Cooper


Thanks for making the purchase of Monas Mini soooooo easy and worry free! Love the way every there treated us and we highly recommend Scott and his boss Victoria for your next auto purchase!!

MaTrig - 2014 Kia Soul


Was looking for a used car for my mother. Scott was very patient, knowledgeable, and exceeded our expectations. We ended up buying a 2014 Kia Soul that my mother fell in love with. This dealership knows how to treat their customers and the entire staff works as a team to make the buying process a fun experience.

Ginarose - 2013 Chrysler 200


I rarely write reviews and much less good ones but I feel compelled to share my experience. First, I have never had a good experience buying and then owning a car from a dealership, ever. I was forced to get another car when I was in an accident and my car was totaled and I was not looking forward to buying a car and having the same awful experience. I was not prepared for how awesome Echo was right off the bat. The environment was casual, friendly, and he seemed to genuinely want to see us have a good experience and be happy with a car. We ended up trading in our other car and buying 2 from them. And then I brought my sister 2 weeks later and she's extremely happy. Also, we had a nail in our tire and they replaced the tire for us which I didn't expect. I will never buy a vehicle anywhere else but here. They have well maintained cars and the experience can't be beat - I actually enjoyed buying our cars. I have never said that in my life until this experience! Keep up the good work and I will be referring everyone I know (and meet in the future) to you, you have a customer for life!

Curtis - 2013 Toyota Sienna


Ever have the salesman behind you on a test drive? Can't talk honestly with friends or family about your experience? This won't happen here. Did not ask for info up front, just a copy of DL. Anyway test drove 3 vehicles, no salesman in back seat, went with a Sienna at fair price and trade in. Echo was a pleasure to work with, took more time unloading our old car than the paperwork. Like 10 minutes vs half a day on the prior auto. Be organized 101 and Echo are. It was the most convenient transaction for a vehicle we have experienced.

Willey - 2013 Mini Cooper


Purchased a very nice 2013 Mini Cooper S from these guys yesterday. It was a great buying experience and I feel I got a great car. Very professional staff and got all my paperwork done in a timely manner. Id recommend this car lot to anyone. Great people and great service.

Jason and Kathy - 2012 Nissan Pathfinder


My son and I want to express our appreciation for how easy you were to deal with – no pressure at all (unlike at most car dealerships).   The 2012 Nissan Pathfinder LE was in quite good condition, drove nicely and was offered at a very reasonable price.  Echo was very informative as to our loan options and was super nice.  We will certainly recommend 101 Auto to any of our friends that are looking for a used vehicle.


David - 2010 Nissan Titan

                Thank you all so much, it was literally the easiest, fastest, and most friendly service I’ve ever had in a vehicle purchase!

Boram - 2013 Mini Cooper

                They are very nice and cool. I really enjoyed all precess of buying cars with them. If there is something you dont get, no worry. They explain everything and try to figure out everything for you. They are family business so very cool and kind.

Matthew - 2016 Honda Accord

 *****  Got my car here three weeks ago...excellent buying experience...easiest and most comfortable I have ever had. Scott and Echo have a good thing going...prices were great on numerous cars!!! Thank you so much! If I ever need a car a few years down the road they will get my business again!!!

Mike and Lisa - 2011 Kia Soul


Just started looking for a car for our daughter but started here because we had such an amazing experience buying from them 4 years ago. We always recommend 101 Auto Outlet when someone is looking for a vehicle. Super nice people, best car buying experience, and they make sure to give you the best price.

Teri - 2012 VW CC

*****  Awesome place to buy a car. They make it easy to buy. Echo was the best with no b.s. i got a great car! I love my cc sport!!

Mike and Alison - 2013 Ford C-Max

If you are like me, you hate dealing with used car or new car salespeople.  We stopped in to check out some used cars and we were greeted by Echo who works there.  This is not your average sales lot, it is in an industrial complex.  Don't let that worry you, it was a great experience.  After talking with Echo for a few minutes and he figured out what we were looking for, my wife and I were out for our first test drive.  Echo did not come with us and told us to take our time on the drive.  We were probably gone for 30 minutes.  We did the same thing with the next car.
We ended up purchasing a car and the process was SUPER EASY.

Alex - 2008 Audi A4

***** Echo and the group at 101 Auto Outlet back up their word and takes care of the customers. I grew up in the car business and this group is A Plus!

Ron - 2011 Kia Soul

***** Great service ! Echo was a pleasure to deal with !

Tom - 2015 Chevy Silverado


This place is by far the best dealership I’ve ever been to. We came in and were greeted. We were handed the keys to the truck before even formally meeting anyone. This was a first for me but after the test drive I see why they do that. We came in. Gave some info and were approved within minutes. We got a sweet deal and a 4.7% interest rate!!! These ppl were super nice, very professional and honest. I couldn’t be more happier with our purchase. I will be going back to buy another truck in a few weeks and I can’t wait to see what’s available. Thanks again for all your help. My dad is extremely happy!

Robert and Leslie - 2013 Toyota Prius


Fantastic car buying experience! No high pressure sales tactics, honesty, fair prices & great customer service - what more could you want? We HIGHLY recommend 101 Auto Outlet.

John - 2006 Mini Cooper


Echo and staff were great. Dependable car. Will be back soon to buy once cooper is paid off. Thank you.

Ari - 2007 Audi A4

Thank you guys - Echo, Victoria, and Scott! Not just for the really nice deal on a great vehicle, but for the professionalism, honesty, and helpfulness throughout the whole process.

Wishing you much further success!

Brittney - 2017 Chevrolet Equinox

I came in with very specific wants and needs! Thank you to my vehicle specialist Echo Ledger . You listened to what I needed and I got exactly what I wanted! No pressure! No BS! Top Notch in our book! I had so many options to choose from! I got a 2017 Chevy Equinox with an awesome maintenance package! I’m covered! Looks, smells and drives like NEW! Everything was explained in a way that I understood (no sales verbiage)! Due to the great SERVICE I received, my family, boyfrie...nd, friends and coworkers will be coming in! What a refreshing experience in this day and age! I will be back when the time comes as you have a customer for life! Finally, a company that isn’t afraid to say “We thank you for your business!”
I give you 10 out of 5 stars all day long! Thank you!
One Happy Chevy Owner

Hailey - 2012 Ford Focus


Matt - 2006 Ford Mustang

5 out of 5 stars - Purchased this car for my son. Excellent buying experience! The entire staff was helpful, professional and seemed sincerely interested in being of service to the customer. I will be back for sure!

Rachel - 2015 Kia Optima

I can’t even begin to explain how awesome the people at 101 Auto Outlet are. To say that they went above and beyond for me doesn’t even begin to describe the effort and time they put in to getting me a car that was reliable, like new and safe. Not only did they get me the perfect car but they also got me the perfect loan to go with it!!  I am obviously at a loss for words because they truly blew me away. These are honest people this is a family owned business. Nobody here will try to trick you or manipulate you or bait and switch you. They’re  trustworthy hard-working people that are truly looking out for you. Sometimes it’s hard as a female to go make purchases like this because you feel like you might be taking advantage of because of your gender. That never happened here. I never felt belittled. I always had the info I needed. Communication was always open and fast with them. All of my questions were answered immediately. I was also able to view the carfax report on my car for free through them. Nothing was shady or sketchy. I made arrangements for this car from thousands of miles away and when I returned back in town my car was ready for me. It was unreal! Echo is amazing. He put in so many hours for me (including on his days off)! He’s the best! I am so so so grateful to him and to 101 Auto Outlet. I already referred my friend Danielle and I’m telling YOU: if you need a car do NOT waste your time running in circles with anyone else. Trust ME! Call 101 Auto Outlet. I love them!

Krystal and Branden - 2009 Nissan Altima

 *****  I bought a 2009 Nissan Altima Hybrid from them. Love my car! 101 Auto Outlet was so helpful and I couldn't have asked for a better buying experience! They worked with me to make sure I got the warranty coverage I needed for my hybrid and took the time to explain things. Overall would definitely buy from them again!

Kathie and Tony - 2003 Toyota Highlander

Scott and Daphne,

Thank you again so very much for another pleasant car-buying experience.  You made the whole process easy and comfortable with your "no pressure" approach to selling.   We will be sure to refer our friends and family to you when they are in the market for a "new used" vehicle.

Thanks again.

Brad - 2013 Toyota Corolla


When my truck needed service, I was forced to miss a day of work. It was then I decided to look for a second set of wheels. Saw a nice little Toyota Corolla at a good price that 101 Auto Outlet had. I called them up and talked with Scott. A few days later, I drove down for a closer look. Took the car for a test drive, and we made a deal that afternoon. Price was great, financing was easy and fast, and the whole experience was probably the best I've had purchasing a car.

Thanks Scott, and thanks Echo!

I would highly recommend 101 Auto Outlet to anyone!

Abigail - 2014 Ford Escape

    *****            In April 2017 I bought a car from 101 Auto Outlet, and was so impressed with the experience I wrote a long review on Yelp. So I didn't hesitate to return when it was time to get my daughter a car. As usual, Scott and Echo were incredibly easy to work with, no pressure, and very transparent about the car. I'm always very methodical in business transactions though and did my own research (e.g., the car was on the lowest end of KBB value range), had my own mechanic check it out, and everything was as expected. Plus Echo found a better interest rate on the financing than I did on my own!

Tim - 2012 Kia Forte

***** A great car at a good price. Salesman was good to work with. No pressure.

John - 2013 Ford F150

***** Our salesman Echo was very helpful. Friendly and efficient. We recommend 101 auto outlet to everyone now.         

Vintendo - 2010 Chevrolet Corvette

After about two years almost from my first review I went back and bought another amazing car !!!  Would do it over and over.  Echo was awesome and so was everyone else !! Super easy.  Super honest.  Wish others would learn from these guys !!  Thank you again!!  Shop here with no worries they are honest good people with great cars.

Donnie - 2015 Dodge Dart

*****Echo did an outstanding job! Fast, friendly and very detail oriented! Made what I thought was going to be a stressful endeavor, very much the opposite! I would highly recommend 101 Auto Outlet as well as Echo! Thanks again for a great car and experience!

Andrew, Wendy and Jayden - 2010 Subaru Forester

***** Down to earth, real people helping you find and buy a car you love. No BS, no games. Echo made the experience simple and stress-free.

Ron and Kristy - 2006 Chrysler Town & Country

Big thanks to Scott, Daphne and Echo. Sometimes I just stop by to say hello and sometimes I need a car. This time we were in a pinch with time running out. My daughter and her kids needed some wheels and 101 came through. I drove this van, came back with my wife and we were done in litteraly about 25 minutes.
Thanks again

Wren Family - 2011 Chevy Cruz

***** Scott and Daphne, the owners, really care for their customers and bend over backwards to make sure their customers leave happy with their new-to-them vehicles!

Kayla - 2010 Mazda Speed3

 Purchased a gorgeous 2010 Mazdaspeed3. Scott and Echo are the most straightforward and pleasant people to work with when buying a car. They made it super easy and were so willing to help. Would reccommend 101 AutoOutlet over any dealer easily.

The White family - 2008 Volvo XC90

Thank you Echo for all your help and making our car purchase quick and enjoyable. We appreciate you!

Renee - 2009 Audi A4

 *****Awesome dealership but even more awesome people! Scott and his team go above and beyond to take care of their customers. Since day one they have treated me with such respect and genuine care as if I was one of their own family members and I bought my car back in September. I am forever grateful because you just don’t get that kind of treatment from most car dealers now a days!!

Desiree - 2006 Nissan Frontier

 Honestly, this is the best dealership I have ever done business with. The customer service is top notch and they do such a wonderful job of making the process of purchasing a vehicle an enjoyable experience. Thank you Scott and 101 Auto Outlet!

Dave - 2014 Toyota Tacoma

  Echo and the team at 101 Auto Outlet really made buying my first truck a dream! Broke down the paperwork and made it easy to understand exactly what I was getting. Also did an amazing job of assuring me on my purchase and keeping the stress of the experience to a minimum! The team worked hard to ensure that I was approved and all the paperwork was correct. I'll definitely be recommending Echo and 101 Auto Outlet to anyone in the market for a quality preowned vehicle! My Tacoma was like brand new with a super clean Carfax! Thanks for the truck!

Huff - 2013 Ford F150

   Truly one of the best car buying experiences of my life. We were  not pressured nor did it take all day to finish. Echo was awesome. Thank you for the great service.

Marc - 2015 Ford Mustang

 *****They are the best i talked to Daphne and she gave me price over phone out the door i came in and was greeted by Echo best people in the world found the perfect mustang. i love my car EcoBoost and they treat you like family and i would send anybody there way they have my repeat service in the future thank you guys so much.

Chuck and Sharon - 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe


Ton 80 Mobile is officially Rolling Again! By Far the easiest, smoothest and fastest vehicle buying experience I have EVER had! Thank You so very much Echo Ledger!!

Tangie - 2014 Cadillac ATS

I really love the Caddy guess what the hubby loves it more!! He drives it more than I do isn’t that something!! Tell your wife thank you as well.

Kaitlynn - 2008 Ford Mustang


101 Auto Outlet is phenomenal. If you are looking for a solid business to purchase a vehicle from, I highly advise you look into 101 auto outlet. My dad and I found my favorite Ford Mustang model here, it was a dream come true after searching for so long. The process took less than an hour to purchase the car and we were able to take it home that same morning. However, a few days later, the entire engine overheated and unfortunately, it had to be replaced in its entirety. As a college student, I was not in a financially stable position to purchase an entire engine on my brand new car. 101 Auto Outlet offered to help, not only with half, but with the entire cost to replace the engine. I cannot give enough positive feedback to this business, they went above and beyond to help. Go purchase a car from them right now, you will not regret it.

Naturaly and Lona - 2006 Lexus RX


Great dealership and even better ppl! Echo was a huge help for us. He even came in on his day off to help us when the first option fell through. Also when we had some minor issues with the car they fixed it no questions asked and even gave us a loaner car for the day. Would definitely recommend them to others and will be back next time I’m in the market for a car!

Anna - 2007 Toyota Corolla


After a lot of issues with our cars, one died, the one that we replaced it with died, I was looking for a nice dependable car. On my neighborhood watch I asked for a recommendation. I was directed to 101 Auto and I drove by twice before I actually went inside to ask about the Toyota I had seen advertised. Very nice salesman, Echo, talked to me, gave me the keys to drive it and I took it for a drive. I came back, went home, thought about it and I think the next day went there and bought the 2007 Toyota. Everything went so well, paperwork was effortless and both the owner and Echo were a pleasure to buy from. I will definitely recommend them to others! (and I received a StarBucks gift card in the mail!). LOL

A & M Mechanical - 2015 Ford Transit

                We have never purchased a vehicle from anyone other than a private seller or a large dealer, but our specific requirements for an HVAC service van produced little availability at a reasonable price.  Upon learning that 101 Auto Outlet had this vehicle available, we inquired further and are so glad we did.  From the very beginning, Scott and Echo were available for all our questions and graciously responded to our requests to take a test drive, have our mechanic look everything over, replace a windshield, and even secure financing for this commercial vehicle (which can be very difficult to do).  As a “Mom & Pop” ourselves, we are happy to support small-business, and we would jump at the opportunity to refer them and/or use their services again!

Jose - 2007 Dodge Charger

*****  Drove to Phoenix from Tucson to purchase a car I had picked out online at another dealer, when we arrived the car was nothing like what we saw online, it was very disappointing and I was ready to head back to Tucson. Wife convinced me to go look at a charger at 101 Auto Outlet, Echo met us a the door, very pleasant and not car sales man like at all (good thing) and right away took us to the car we were interested in, gave us the key to take for a drive. I loved this car, we were in and out with a new car within an hour (maybe less). Thank you Echo!

Steve - 2004 Ford F150

***** 101 Auto Outlet is the place to go for a quick and easy car buying experience. Scott is on point with his pricing so you wont have to haggle back and forth. His staff is friendly and attentive. I stopped by in Dec to say hello and drove off with a car for our daughter. Then again last month I stopped by to get his opinion on selling my car and ended up buying a new work truck.

Eddie - 2010 Cadillac SRX

*****101 Auto outlet was a great experience Scott found the car I wanted and gave me a great deal he made buying a car easy and comfortable. If your looking to buy a car I totally recommend this place you won't be disappointed.

Levi - 2010 Chevy Tahoe


By far the best car buying experience I have ever had. Echo and Scott are great people to work with. I highly recommend them.

Drew - 2008 Toyota Camry

Thank you for another smooth transaction and beautiful car! We’ll be back soon to purchase again for our daughter. You guys are A+++

Marie - 2013 Kia Soul

                I had a great experience buying my Kia Soul from Echo.  I had gone to other dealers, but was there for hours without getting a final offer.  Then my dog became very ill and I went to you.  I got exactly the car I wanted with no fuss so I could concentrate on trying to get the dog to the vet and care for her.  Love my car and the not stressful experience of working with you.

Doug and Karen - 2008 Nissan Quest

I just wanted to let you and Echo know that you will be seeing us again.  You guys took care of us like you have known us for years!

Tyler - 2013 Honda Civic

 A year with my baby Caroline.  Thanks Scott at 101 Auto Outlet for all the help!! He's been a friend  my whole life, if you want a awesome experience buying a car head there way:)

Scott and Judy - 2011 Mini Cooper


Like others i cringe at the thought of the whole car buying experience. Not any longer. Echo made the whole experience so easy, all we had to do was test drive and sign some papers when we got there. An unforeseen check engine light came on a week after we got the car and Scott took care of everything. I will buy any car i need in the future from Scott and Echo. Well worth the drive from Gilbert. Thx guhs.

Alex - 2010 Toyota Corolla


Thank you so much for finding an amazing car 2010 Toyota Corolla, at a great price and for going above and beyond to assist me in my time of need.  Scott and his staff always make me feel like family, appreciated and always welcome.  Did I mention this is my 3rd time purchasing a car from 101 Auto Outlet?   I have also referred friends here, wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on the outstanding service and the hassle free purchase of a car. 

Thank you Scott & staff.  I’m so happy and eternally grateful for my new car & one of a kind service.  

Kellie - 2006 Hyundai Sonata

***** Hi there! Just wanted to take a minute to share my experience with 101 Auto Sales. Last Saturday I had went to two different car dealerships and was immediately attacked by what I felt like were "vultures". As soon as I stepped out of the car there was three men fighting over to shake my hand and get my name and phone number. I asked them if they had the specific car I was looking for that they advertised on their website and within three minutes they told me they do not have it and immediately tried to upsell me to a 2018 car I couldn't afford. Both places I felt attacked and uncomfortable at. Then we discovered 101 auto sales. Within seconds of meeting Echo I felt completely comfortable and not pressured at all. He listened to all of my concerns and all of my questions. He was very helpful in many ways being the most accommodating that he could. I want to thank Echo for his time and most importantly the way he treated me. He didn't treat me as "a sale" he treated me like a person which when buying a car I feel is very important. If you're looking for a car be sure to check out 101 Auto Sales. It was the best car buying experience I think I've ever had and I would recommend them to anyone! Thanks again Echo and everyone at 101 Auto Sales.

Jim and Grant - 2014 Nissan Juke

Hi. I just wanted to again say thanks on handling of the purchase of a Nissan from your company on Friday. My son cant be more thrilled and excited about his new car. You made the transaction go smoothly and you were very helpful. I would highly recommend to any of my friends looking to buy a car to go to 101 auto outlet to purchase a car and to talk to you directly. Again thanks for all your assistance. 

Daniel - 2009 Toyota Sienna

***** Just wanted to give a big shout out to Echo and everyone at the 101 Auto Outlet for helping my family and myself get it off debt faster.   By dumb luck, as I was going to pick the boys up from school, I found 101 Auto Outlet driving up Rose Garden and figured I would stop by and just see what they have. After meeting Echo and talking with him about what we needed, he wasted no time getting to work and making this happen for us. We're now $8,100 less in car debt.

Lindsay - 2013 Infiniti JX35


101 Auto Outlet is where my family and I have been buying our cars for years!! Scott is the best!! ?? We love him!! Thank you for my 4th car from you!! ?? I love it so much??

Misty - 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser

***** They do everything they can to help get a great deal

Evan - 2011 Toyota Prius


Genuine people here at 101 auto. Customer service like I have never seen before! Scott was a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend 101!!

Caroline and Austin - 2009 Lexus ES350

                Honestly I was afraid that this would be one of the most stressful things ever because every one always complains about it but this was so easy and I couldn't be happier! Thank you so much Scott and Echo! You guys are the best.

Robert and Anna - 2011 Dodge Durango


My wife Anna and I would like to thank you for another great vehicle buying experience.  I am an ASE Certified technician and I appreciate the vetting you do on your selection of vehicles.  I Look forward to doing business with you again (3rd time) in the future.  Thank You!

James - 2007 Toyota Tacoma

***** Friendly people with 0 pressure, they even got me a great rate on financing. I will definitely be returning for my next car.

Mark - 2007 Toyota 4Runner

I want to take this time to thank you for taking precious time away from your family on Sunday to complete the Toyota 4Runner deal.

You truly did go the extra mile.

Once again a big THANK YOU.

Mark and Ashli - 2010 GMC Acadia

The car buying experience at 101 Auto Outlet was by far the best car buying experience we’ve ever had. You’ll be hard pressed to find a friendlier bunch of people than you will here. They are very open and transparent about all the vehicles on the lot, providing you with the essential information needed to make a wise purchase. We shopped around for a couple of months looking for the right vehicle but eventually came back to 101 Auto Outlet because of their great prices and service. From the time we walked in to test drive the vehicle until the time we drove off the lot was only about an hour.
We want to give a big thanks to 101 Auto Outlet, especially Echo who worked hard to get us in and out so quick. It would be hard to go anywhere else after our experience with 101 Auto Outlet!
Thanks again

Grant - 2014 Nissan Juke

Hello Echo. I just wanted to again say thanks on handling of the purchase of a Nissan from your company on Friday. My 16 yr old son cant be more thrilled and excited about his new car. You made the transaction go smoothly and you were very helpful. I would highly recommend to any of my friends looking to buy a car to go to 101 auto outlet to purchase a car and to talk to you directly. Again thanks for all your assistance. 

Ray - 2008 Volvo C30


Just lost my car due to an accident and could not be left without a car. I wasnt sure how I was going to get a new on such short notice. 101 Auto Outlet made buying a used car an actual pleasant experience. Love those guys, I cannot thank them enough!

Melissa - 2013 Hyundai Sonata


Everyone at 101 Auto definitely helped make this quick easy and simple! And I'm happy with my choice

Josh - 2009 Honda Pilot


Bought 2 vehicles from them now. Both great vehicles! Great people too!

Steven - 2011 Kia Optima


They will treat you like family and take care of all your needs.

Hingson - 2007 Ford Mustang


 We needed to find something for my husband because he commutes a ton. Our last two vehicles were purchased at a large dealership which made us feel more like a number than a customer. A car is an investment and at 101 Auto we felt like Scott and Echo saw us as we were, a family in need of something reliable. They took time to make sure we were comfortable and we felt like they actually saw us as people. I love that they only sold vehicles that had one previous owner. They are open and honest, characteristics my husband and I hold dear. We had one little hiccup but they took care of that quickly. We wouldn't hesitate to go back there if we are ever in the market again to buy.

Cleo and Cherie - 2015 Ford Fiesta


She received the cute little car she saved for and wanted. We were blessed by Daphne, Scott and the team at 101 Auto Outlet who handled the purchase seamlessly.

Vinh - 2003 Nissan 350Z


Big shout outs to Echo, Scott and the entire team at 101 Auto Outlet for their outstanding customer service! I had just recently purchased a 350z and couldn't be any happier! They really go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied. Thanks again Scott & team!! :)

Rick - 2013 Ford Fusion


Good experience buying a new Ford to replace one that got in an accident. No pressure and very flexible in allowing you to test out a car and have it inspected before purchase. There are some places in town that are horrible for buying cars (mainly places on Camelback) and this is not one of them. Echo was super helpful in getting me what I needed to be able to drive away in a great car that my mechanic had only glowing words to describe. Only bummer is that they have limited hours, but I was able to make it work. Thanks guys!

Eli - 2016 Hyundai Elantra


Great experience purchasing my vehicle especially compared to larger dealerships who will ask 4k+ above value for pre owned vehicles. Fair deals, staff are friendly and transparent.

The Buntings - 2013 Hyundai Sonata


Got a great deal, Echo is a cool guy.  No hassels, no problems, faster than a big dealerships.

Taylor - 2006 Kia Sorento

I wanted to take this opportunity to write you a quick thank you/testimonial. I recently purchased a 2006 Kia Sorento and it was the easiest car buying experience I have had. Echo was very helpful and friendly, there was never any pressure throughout the whole process. Echo and Scott addressed any concerns I had and made sure to follow up on everything we discussed. I was very happy to see that level of follow through and integrity. I was so impressed with the whole experience that I have told all my friends about it and I will definitely go back to 101 Auto Outlet for my next car purchase.

Life's a Beach! - 2008 BMW X3


 Awesome place to buy a vehicle. No pressure sales.

Bryan - 2010 Chevy Silverado

I definitely had a great experience with Echo, my situation was a difficult one and he never gave up on me. I would like to thank everyone from 101 Auto Outlet for great service and a great truck!

Mike - 2014 Ford Explorer

I had a great buying experience with Scott and Echo. I will never go to a dealership again. They worked my trade, financing and purchase price of the vehicle harder than anybody would have to make the sale. I'm not a great negotiator but I am a great researcher so I know I got a fair deal. All I did was show up, sign some papers and drive away in a great vehicle.

Craig - 2009 BMW X3


Scott & friends are the real deal. Car shopping has been something I have always dreaded. I cannot stand wheeler-dealer dealership cronies trying to make a buck, fast talking and attempting to take advantage of buyers. This group is different.. 101 Auto Outlet literally evaluated everything on my car and made it look & perform like a new vehicle. Paint imperfections, a window regulator, fully cleaned leather - took care of it all. By far the friendliest & easiest car shopping trip I have EVER had. I will continue to send ppl their way for quality, reliable used cars. I'm incredibly happy with my experience, thank you Scott!

Mike - 2017 Dodge Drango


Thank you 101!!!  Fast delivery and under budget, we love our new Durango.

Alex - 2013 Ford Focus


Went with with my son Alex for his first car purchase a 2013 Ford Focus at 101 Auto Outlet. Service was great. Easy to do business with and no pressure or other car sales bull. Just helpful sales service information. Followed through and fixed some items we missed. The salesman, Echo, made it very easy to do business with this place. Highly recommend!

Kristy - 2006 Honda Accord

I decided to purchase my car from 101 Auto Outlet based on it being "family owned". There's a lot to be said about quality customer service when dealing with a smaller business.  Scott made me feel comfortable and gave me the opportunity to feel confident in my purchase. Mostly by not being a pushy sale person. Something I have great appreciation and respect for. His team went above and beyond to accommodate my time constraint needs at the time. Thank you for the no - non sense, stress free experience!! I will definitely recommend Scott to my family and friends!  

Adriana and Mario - 2016 Honda Civic


Best car buying experience ever!
We made the deal via text message, Scott is so laid back and easy to work with. I got the car I wanted, the deal I wanted and the payment I wanted. I spent less than 10 minutes at the dealership with zero pressure. I highly recommend Scott!

Omar - 2009 VW EOS

  I just bought a car from 101 Auto Outlet and the staff was super friendly and helpful with all my needs, including the price and rental car drop off which they didn't have to do I recommend them for anybody who wants to buy a used car".

Beach - 2004 BMW X3

 *****  Wow! Really a car dealership that is honest, laid back and works hard for the customer! I inquired about a vehicle via email and Echo called me back. Let me know they did have that vehicle and I asked about another. He was honest in letting me know it was off property. He let me know it should be back later that day. I made arrangements to contact him the next day. When I called he was super accommodating and willing to stay a little late. It was 4th of July and he stayed for... us to come down and look at the vehicle. Let us drive it and talk about it without bugging us. Echo was so honest and open about everything, the price is the car, warranty, gap, interest rate and trade in value of our vehicle. Due to it being a holiday we had to wait until today to finalize the deal. Again Echo called me and had great news, a better rate and no money down. He was willing to work around our schedule to do paperwork! What an amazing experience. Thank you!

Randy and Gerri - 2010 Honda CR-V

                My husband and I would like to say how happy we are with our new vehicle. Thank you for making it a an easy and stress free experience with no pressure. We highly recommend you to all of our friends.

Joe, Kami and Jack - 2015 VW GTI


We had an amazing experience here!! Quick and simple. There was no pressure and the team made us feel very comfortable. We LOVE our car, and we highly recommend 101 Auto Outlet for anyone looking to buy a car!

Sam - 2012 Ford Focus


101 Auto Outlet is truly something else. In a long journey going from dealership to dealership, time after time and being denied left and right; I couldn't have been luckier to find Scott and Echo of 101 Auto Outlet. They both went above and beyond the call of duty and made me feel so comfortable and confident in making the plunge, buying my first vehicle. I highly recommend 101 Auto Outlet to any first time buyer going through the usual struggles of constant haggling and sky high rates or the seasoned car buyer looking for an amazing deal and a welcoming environment to purchase their next. You can't lose with 101 Auto Outlet, they gained my stamp of approval and my business for years to come.

Thank you Scott and Echo!

James - 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan


We were very frustrated trying to buy a car through large dealerships. Found a car online and went to 101 Auto Outlet. We could not believe how easy Scott made the process. The price of the car was competitive and the integrity of Scott was above reproach.

Shanan and Chris and Mack - 2004 Nissan 350Z


This was by far the BEST car buying experience we have ever had! The team there at 101 Auto Outlet made it easy and smooth! They made us feel like we were there only customers! Total hands on and answered any and all our questions! Thank you all so much! I would and will recommend you to any one who is thinking about buying a car! You guys are the BEST!! Thanks for my new ride! I love it!

Zachary - 2007 Toyota 4Runner


I recently purchased an 07 4Runner from them and I have taken it just about everywhere without a single issue. Scott helped make sure I got this truck and I have been recommending everyone to him since. When you're purchasing a used vehicle, it's hard to trust a dealership or anyone for that matter. When I went in to look at the truck, I was told I could take it to any shop I wanted to have them look it over and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it just like Scott had said. I can't thank 101 Auto Outlet enough for helping me with my newest purchase!

John and Barton - 2006 Honda CR-V

Dear Scott & Echo,
We purchased a pre-owned car from your dealership on Saturday, May 13th. We were so impressed with your Dealership that we will refer all our Friends and Family to you!!!
We took the 2006 Honda CRV to Prescott, Az. On Sunday and got great gas miledge and we loved how the car drove! Please Thank everyone who helped us from sales to Title and Transfer, etc. You guys were Fantastic!!!  Thank You Very Much, New Pre-owned Car Buyers,

Sara - 2015 Nissan Sentra


They were very informative and answered all my questions. Did financial break downs so I could purchase a car I could afford in my budget.

Stephen - 2015 Chevrolet Traverse

101 Auto Outlet is THE place to buy your next ride. Scott's unconventional approach makes car buying easy, hassle free and entertaining. I shopped for six months to find the perfect ride and I found it at 101 Auto Outlet.  Do yourself a favor, save your time and check out 101 Auto Outlet. Their prices and customer service cannot be matched!

Jordan - 2007 Ford Mustang


I have never had a car that I look forward to driving as much as this one. I have already gotten lots of compliments from friends and even my mechanic. The process with 101 Auto Outlet was quick and easy.

Thank you again, I really love my mustang!

Adam - 2007 Toyota Rav4


My dad and I chose to get me a new car at 101 Auto Outlet, and we were not disappointed! Scott and Echo gave excellent customer service and really helped us get the car I wanted. I already knew which car I wanted ahead of time (Toyota RAV4), and they agreed to hold it for us until we could arrive and purchase it! This is a fantastic family business that truly pursues customer satisfaction. Scott even sold us the car at the price it used to be at before maintenance costs had earlier driven the price up because they wanted to focus on meeting our needs. I highly recommend their business to anyone planning on purchasing a new ride. Thank you 101 Auto Outlet!

Brian - 2011 Jeep Liberty



Bought a car here yesterday. Nothing but great people even greater service you can trust. I'll never recommend another place to anyone!! Thanks Echo and thanks Scott!!

Nadine and Ryan - 2007 Ford Fusion


Purchasing a car for the first time was a big deal for me and very stressful because I wanted to find the perfect vehicle. After a lot of searching, my boyfriend and I came across a blue 2007 Ford Fusion. I immediately fell in love with it. I decided to go look at the car in person. Upon arrival at 101 Auto Outlet we were not bombarded with sales pitches and tons of pressure to buy the car, instead we were greeted with smiles and the chance to look the car over for ourselves. Scott and his team were super friendly, easy going, and very helpful. They were straight up about all the details of the car. They answered any question that I had and even helped me find a good place to get car insurance. I would definitely look to them in the future if I were to ever purchase another vehicle.
Thank you so much again Scott!

Joe - 2011 Nissan Sentra

*****  I heard about this place a few years ago when my friend bought a car from them, and since I remember that experience being so painless, I decided to personally give them a try. I was not let down! I purchased a 2011 Nissan Sentra and am very happy with my car. The process itself couldn't have been easier. I walked in, asked to see the car, the sales person handed me the key and said "take your time". I drove it for a bit, came in, asked him what I had to do to drive it off the lot, and I was gone! I did not experience any pressure that you get from most dealerships. Everyone that spoke to me was friendly and professional. Paperwork was a breeze. They processed everything for me without needing to go to the DMV. I would easily buy another car from them and suggest this place be your first one to check out if you're in the market for a quality used car.

The Martinez Family - 2010 Honda Odyssey

Thank you so much for everything you made it stress free for my wife and loves the van it is her dream car. Thank you for what you do. We could'nt of done it with out you. Your the best. Thanks again

Joe - 2013 Cadillac Escalade


Now this is how car buying is supossed to be!! Zero pressure, zero stress if you like it great, if not no big deal. Dang, i wish i had bought all of my cars from here!!!  Outstanding service and what a pleasure it was buying this vehicle from you!

Kade - 2014 Dodge Charger


Had an amazing experience with 101 auto outlet. Scott made the entire car buying process easy and helped me find my dream car. I'd give more than 5 stars if I could. Overall great experience!

Nicole - 2016 Ford Mustang GT


This was the best experience I could have asked for with a dealership! I had a lot of concerns with going to a traditional dealership. I didn't want to deal with the haggling of prices and pushy salesman. So, here's my experience and the reason I chose 101 Auto Outlet and most likely will for future purchases. My specific vehicle search allowed me to narrow down what I was looking for to two cars at two dealerships. Initially, the car I ended up purchasing at 101 Auto Outlet wasn't my first choice. I was looking at another vehicle due to color (I wasn't sure of the red/dark red color of the vehicle at 101 Auto Outlet). My boyfriend called the other dealership (located in the east valley) on a Saturday to see if the car was available because we might come out and test drive it the next day. They said it was available and asked for his phone number. He didn't want to provide it, so instead the salesman got his number from caller ID and texted him the next day about coming out - when initially my boyfriend said we MIGHT come out there on Sunday. This irritated me and just reaffirmed why I didn't want to go to a traditional dealership. It seemed a little aggressive to text someone about coming out that day when it wasn't a scheduled appointment, and he didn't want to provide contact information in the first place. This led me to looking at the vehicle at 101 Auto Outlet. I should have just went here first. My boyfriend called and spoke with Scott (owner). He confirmed the car was still available and didn't press for contact info, time when we would stop in or anything. This made me feel comfortable based on that one short phone call and the great ratings they had on a few sites. So, we decided to go in a few days later. The car was only a $100-$200 more than the one I had initially been looking at but with 10,000 less miles. This car had the exhaust already done (partly what sold it for me) and it had premium wheels, breaks, etc. It was a better vehicle than I expected. When my boyfriend and I walked in we were greeted by the owner's son (Cole) and shown to the car. They pulled the car around, and Scott told us he doesn't go on test drives because they aren't like other dealerships where they get you driving the vehicle and try to push the sale. We took the car out for a test drive, and I was ready to purchase. Scott made it really easy and there were no issues with my trade-in or financing. He also made sure I got the best interest rate. There was no haggling over the vehicle price (it was priced for about $3,000 less than KBB had it listed), and because he didn't try to push the sale, it made me even more comfortable with purchasing the car. It was a straight forward process, and we were in and out within two hours. I even received a Thank You note from them with a gift card about a week after the purchase! I have recommended 101 Auto Outlet to a few other people, and I'll definitely go back when I'm in the market for another vehicle. Thank you guys for making this a great experience!

Sabrina - 2002 Oldsmobile Alero


This place is amazing! This was my first car and Scott was so generous and informative. The entire experience was very smooth and he made the legalities easy to understand. I definitely recommend going here to purchase a car for a great price with even greater customer service!

Jerry - 2006 Ford F150


I bought a used vehicle from Scott and I've never had a transaction go so smoothly, I'll definitely recommend going to the 101 Auto Outlet to my friends.

Dan - 2004 Hyundai Sonata


I love to write reviews when it's clear what rating I should give.  

Ive been researching cars to purchase online for 10 days. I have bought from both dealers and private parties throughout my life, so pretty comfortable with the process. Unfortunately when I searched online for "for sale by owner" vehicles, I ended up meeting with dealers in disguise. I wasted a ton of time in the last week on this, very frustrating.

I just moved to Arizona so don't know any dealers I could trust. After the bad experiences with fake "private sellers" I did some research online and decided to try out 101 Auto Outlet.  I confess I'm a bit at a loss for words on how to describe the experience.  I kept thinking "this is too easy":

We found a particular low-priced car we were interested in, but were open to others. When we arrived, Scott listened to our explanation of what we were looking for then walked us around and showed us cars below, within, and above our price range.   I wanted to focus on the car I had originally found online, so Scott gave us the keys to test drive, and when we returned he had a printout ready of all the things his mechanic had found may need to be fixed on it. Wait, what?.... I was prepared to 'negotiate' that I need my personal mechanic to inspect it, but not only did he say "of course, no problem" he's literally handing me a report of all the things the mechanic would do to the car.  With some minor paperwork (copy my license, sign an agreement that I won't blow the car up etc.), Scott let me take the car home to have my mechanic check it out...

I was pretty pleased that my mechanic's report pretty closely matched what Scott showed me in his office the day before. I'm kinda embarrassed to admit: Scott's mechanic's report actually had more stuff on it than mine's did.  

Overall, this experience has been fantastic.  I was able to negotiate a fair price via email (which KBB has on the low end of their value spectrum -- their business posts via CarFax so we could see the title history and all the car specs!).  I literally kept thinking "this is too easy" throughout the whole process.  Yes I signed the paperwork agreeing to have my pic on their website and normally I don't do that, but they earned it. Hands down an awesome car buying experience. I'm really happy with the car, and agree with the other reviewers: next time I need to buy a car I'm calling Scott first!

Mitchell - 2008 Mini Cooper


Such a wonderful car buying experience. Everyone was so friendly and great. They did everything in their power to make sure we got our daughter her dream car for her first car! Will recommend to everyone!

Vince and Ashlie - 2012 Chevy Camaro SS / RS


This place is great!! Been driving over 20 years and bought many cars.  This was the only place that didn't make me feel like I had been taken with my pants...
Husband and wife are more then kind. Everything was a breeze.  
Took a few hours with a trade in and was home with my new camaro.  
Honest and good customer support.  
Found my dealer from now on.

Kate - 2010 Chevy HHR


Heather and Crazybaby - 2008 Honda Odyssey

This place was awesome! Scott was very informative, this being my 1st time buying from a dealership. There was zero hassle and zero pressure to do anything other than what i was comfortable with. Very welcoming staff. My children also loved their little dealership. They were super accommodating for all of us. Thanks again!

Kayla - 2005 Toyota Tundra

Received excellent service and was not rushed in any way. Felt comfortable throughout the entire transaction and the owner was upfront about the car and price. He even held the truck for me for a few days since I couldn't come see it right away. I really appreciate the great service and maybe back in the future.

Michael - 2008 Mercedes SL550

My wife and I initially took a friend to 101 Auto Outlet to buy a car, and at the end of the day, I bought a 2008 Mercedes and a couple we know bought 2 cars, and their son also bought a car a couple weeks later. 101 Auto outlet is where I will buy my cars from now on. They are such honest, hard working, and trust worthy car dealers that went out of their way to give us great vehicles at a great price. I have to say in todays market of used cars it is so hard to find an honest dealer that thinks of the customer before what their profit margin will be. I highly recommend this dealership and feel there is no where else you would need to go. Great job Scott on running such an honest and professional dealership.

Barry and Sharon - 2007 Nissan Xterra

"Very helpful" I never had this experience. Dennis and Scott are very efficient and accommodating. Great guys, great deal, great prices! The best place to buy a car. Thank you

Lindsay - 2006 Lexus RX330

Thank you Scott for making the purchase of my new Lexus so easy, quick, and fun! I will definelty refer any and every friend I know to you!! :)

Casie - 2008 Cadillac CTS

I just wanted to say Thank you to Bill and Scott for all your help in finding my dream car! Not only were you and your staff so efficent in finding the vehicle, but you all are just some "Really Cool Dudes". On top of that, the atmosphere is friendly and laid back. THANKS AGAIN!!!!

Chjristine - 2007 Ford Expedition

Happy Happy Happy !!! Customer service is Priceless and we were made to feel like family!!! This will always be the first place we look from now on!!! Thanks Bunches

The Jimenez Family - 2006 Honda Odyssey

Usually when I go buy a car, I'm going in with my guard up, but after meeting you Scott, I felt very relaxed and at ease. I may never go to a big dealership ever again, I'd like to think that I now have a friend in the auto sales business and as long as you are in business I will come see you first. Thanks Scott for helping me with the purchase of my Honda odyssey, my family and I thank you. We took the van to flagstaff for our first road trip and where having fun, the van is a beast, we love it.

Alex - 2012 Hyundai Accent

I'm very satisfied with my purchase today at 101 auto outlet they where all very nice and helpful. They also accommodated with my needs for a vehicle. Thank you Scott for making me dream come true with a car. I will definitely come back if I need to purchase another vehicle.

Joshman - 2012 Nissan Cube

"GO TO THIS DEALER" Scott and Dennis are awesome. Seriously they helped me out a great deal with a seemingly unimaginable problem. I am super grateful for all they've done for me. Thank you guys!

Michael - 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer

"Remarkable experience" The guys here are so helpful! They tell it like it is, do not try to sell you anything, but fit you with a car that works for you. I bought my car from there for an excellent price and they had it looking like new when I came to pick it up! Couldn't be happier.

Boomer - 2006 Infiniti G35

"AWESOME SAUCE" I just got done buying my 5th vehicle from Scott Watson at 101 Auto Outlet. Let me be very clear... if you need a used vehicle and you go ANYWHERE else, you're screwing yourself. These guys are THE BEST and if they don't have what you want they can go get it!

Cheshire, Eric and Christian - 2002 Toyota Camry

Cheshire is still ecstatic about the Camry. It drives good, looks good, and I’m convinced it will remain a safe, reliable ride. You guys really were great and I’m very happy with the whole purchasing process. By the way, after much deliberation, we’ve come up with a name for the new Camry: Betsy. She’s a classy older lady who’s aged beautifully and she’s always dependable to those who love her! Thanks again!

Ty, Laura and Greyson - 2003 Honda Pilot

This place is top notch! Scott and Dennis are amazing people running a great family business, which is why we decided to buy here. Our kid was terrorizing their office and they just laughed out off, even after my 3 year old attacked Dennis.

Bret and Lori - 2004 Buick Rendezvous

Scott and Dave made our car purchase a very pleasant experience. Will recommend 101 Auto Outlet to anyone wanting to purchase a new vehicle, no pressure, no hassles, no problems!!! THANKS again.

Michele - 2004 Nissan Xterra

Who would have "thunk" that buying a vehicle could be so much fun!! Thanks Scott - You Rock!!! And the bonus was that from start to finish I was out the door in about an hour. I highly recommend going to 101 Auto Outlet and working with Scott Watson!! Happy Trails!

Al and Mireille - 2008 BMW X5

"Best Car Buying experience ever" Scott and his employees are super friendly , supportive and laid back. We got a decent fair sales deal with the car we had and we bought a wonderful BMW . Great place , no hustle and a true easy experience .This is the best car dealership in PHX area

Kyle and Michelle - 2007 Infiniti G35

"Honest, No Hassle, Value... THANKS!" Since 2012 we've driven 150 miles (one way) to buy our cars from 101 Auto Outlet. Scott was so friendly, and he didn't pressure us to buy. We now purchase ALL our cars from him because I know I can take him at his word. That's uncommon, and we are customers for life! THANKS SCOTT AND STAFF for making car buying a positive experience. Sahuarita, AZ customer

Rock - 2008 Toyota Tundra

"Best Truck I ever had" When I first saw the truck I really liked it. Meet Scott the next day and after checking out the truck on their website which was very easy to navigate filled out an application. The staff was very friendly. Awesome place no pressure from Scott or his employee's and drove the truck home. Now I am in-love with the truck.

Alie - 2007 Lincoln LT

This was the best experience ever!!!! did not feel pressured it felt like an old friend helping me get the vehicle i needed, i am very happy and satisfied with Scott , i would recommend him and his business to everyone.....thanks Scott, and yes i will now be on the rim....wooohooooo

Alexa - 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I love it so much, thank you!!! best first car experience ever!

Jake - 2013 Kia Optima

***** 101 Auto is the Bomb! Loving my car fellas!!!

Michael and Francine - 2004 Dosge Ram 4X4

***** Thanks again Scott!!!! We will make sure we tell everyone about you!!

Matthew and Lexi - 2006 Nissan Altima

Thanks 101 auto outlet! We had an awesome experience you guys are great! Won't be the last time we will def be back!

Joe and Julia - 2009 Dodge Bad Boy

Can't thank Scott and Cody enough for helping me get my 2009 dodge! Truck is in amazing shape! Wouldn't get my vehicle from anywhere else! Thanks guys!

Brian and Cindy - 2007 Acura TL

Absolute Best Car buying experience ever! I was in complete shock and impressed with the price and quality of my new Acura! I recommend them with no doubt!

Dakota and Alyssa - 2007 Dodge Ram

Dennis and Scott were great to work with! We have been to a few big dealerships previously and 101 auto outlet was very refreshing in comparison. They were super friendly and helpful. They didn't pressure us to get into something we didn't love. We love that that they were able to get us into a great vehicle for the price we needed! I would definitely recommend them to anyone I know in search for a car. Thank you guys, you are awesome!

Sharon - 2002 Chevrolet Corvette

***** I would highly recommend 101 Auto Outlet.. to anyone.. who is looking to buy a nice dependable car. I have bought 2 corvettes, from Scott and he has been always honest and upfront with history of cars mechanical problems if any. The staff there at 101 Auto Outlet, work with everyone, if they don't have want you want.. they will look for it for you... they don't have high prices... like most dealerships... and pushy salesmen. Buying a car, couldn't be any more simpler... THIS IS A MUST GO AND CHECK THEM OUT... !!!

Jeremiah - 2004 Nissan 350Z

An awesome dealership! Purchased a Nissan 350z and love it! Scott & Cody are great, very smooth business. Will refer people directly to them. Overall excellent service, great people!

Mike - 2007 Cadillac DTS

Five Stars! Had a great experience, fast and friendly service.

Christy - 2004 Mazda 6

Thank goodness for Scott and 101 Auto Outlet! Couldn't have found a better place to buy a car! I love my Mazda 6 S??

Adam and Kadie - 2006 Hyundai Sonata

My wife and I have been looking for a car for a few months and have been to several dealerships. We could not have asked for a better experience and a greater group of guys than Scott and his team at 101 Auto Outlet! They were such a breathe of fresh air compared to the stifling environment that we encountered at some of the other big name dealers. We got exactly what we wanted at an unbelievable price for my wife and my soon to be born baby girl! If they were able to keep my 8 1/2 month pregnant wife from going crazy by making it such a quick and painless process, it should be a breeze for any one else! I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Kathryn and Kelly - 1998 Toyota 4Runner

Thank you Scott for helping me find the outstanding 4 runner, it runs amazing and we couldn't be more pleased with it, we are happy that you were able to help and give us what we wanted without a huge hassle, we will refer everyone we know to you!

Cleo - 2004 Ford Expedition

I don't know about many of you but when I look for a vehicle, I don't shop a lot. I ask around. I look for a smiling face. I was casually talking with a friend about having to get another vehicle with Chris Wren. He told me his neighbors are in the business. From the moment I saw the website I was impressed. I liked the location and the selection. I picked my vehicle out on-line and once I saw it when I went there I was surprised the picture wasn't a touch-up. Also, I met Scott whose smile who lit up the room made me know he appreciated my business. Daphne and Ruby reflected the same optimism in their dealings with me. Do you know that I do a microscopic check of a vehicle? Scott told me I could do whatever I needed to do. Something, I would never do, I would recommend you could do there, I bought the truck without a test drive. My truck runs great, the paperwork took less than a half-hours once ready and now I have that same kool-aid smile that Scott has, sans the beard. Thanks guys and Happy birthday Scott and the team at 101 Auto Outlet.

Jeff, Kelly and Emmit - 2010 Toyota Highlander

Scott and Cody, thank you again so much for the best car buying experience a growing family could ask for. Not only did we get an amazing car at an AMAZING price, but we had a good time doing it. Your laid back, but there to answer any question approach was perfect. You've definitely earned a customer for life. I wish we could buy another vehicle right now... Maybe a big truck!? Thanks again!

Benny - 2010 Mercedes CLS

"Going the extra mile!" Everyone there is super nice and helpful. The finance guy Dennis did everything possible to get me financed for a CLS Mercedes even thou my credit was in the 500’s he got it done in a day and may I also add it was painless.. I would recommend them to anyone without question...

The Weiricks - 2013 Ford Mustang

***** Great place to buy a car. Love my new mustang!

Sterling Franklin - 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer

Thanks again Scott, I'm lovin it and I already referred you to someone. I really appreciate your service! Awesome.. you can bet ill b back in the future

Joe - 2006 Pontiac GTO

I had been looking for a GTO, and that search led me to Scott. I called him up and told him I was coming up to look at it. I was immediately impressed with his honesty and attitude. When we got there he had it ready to go in front and me and my fiancé took the car out, just the 2 of us. There was no pressure to buy, there was no sales gimmick just him letting us test drive the car. Even though that initial GTO wasn't the right car for us, we had a straight forward conversation about what it was that we were looking for. He let me know that he wanted my business and if there was anything he could do that I should call him. That weekend I was on the internet looking for the exact car that I wanted, and when I found it, it was out of state. So I decided to call him up and see if he could help me out, and to my surprise he was more than willing to help out. Him and I worked out a fair deal for all parties and I got the EXACT car that I wanted. I recommend him to anyone I even hear mention getting a different car, b/c that's how impressed I was.

Don - 2006 Toyota Sequoia

Hi Scott, I really appreciated the quick turn-around you gave me on the Sequoia. Everything you said about the vehicle on the phone turned out to be accurate. Fair price, clean turn-around and no nonsense. This is the way to buy an automobile.

Eric and Violet - 2013 Scion tC

Scott made it easy and super low purchase pressure. Very easy going and no shpeel bout the car business. Ask a question get an answer it's as easy as u make it to buy a car from him.

Anthony and Jen - 2007 Ford Mustang

***** We want to thank Scott so so very much for all his help and fun times while going through the process. it was easy fun and fast... lol just like the amazing car he got us into. he wasn't a salesman to us more like family and will always stay in contact and send people his way to buy a car, Truck, or Suv. Scott's honest, fun, straight forward and all about the bottom line.... making the customer happy with the amazing vehicle that they want. Thanks again Scott :):)

Julio and Rosa - 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe

Scott , and 101 auto outlet, we had a great experience buying our truck, Cody and Scott's uncle we want to thank you both also for your hard work. You all made a good team.

Clay and Christi - 2005 Kia Sorento

Hey scott, thank you for helping my daughter christi find a nice vehicle. The kia sorento is very nice and I like the way you guys do business. I wanted to help her with the car buying process while still letting her learn how it works. Thanks again for being patient and helpful! I will recommend you guys to anyone I know needing a vehicle. Thanks again, clay

Seth and Pooter - 2006 Jeep Chrokee

If you like to play games and jump through hoops, don't come here! These guys are very laid back, easy to work with, and honest. They had the vehicle I'd been looking for and made the car buying process fast and simple. I will definitely recommend them to any friends and family members looking for a vehicle. Thank you Scott, Cody, and Daphne for all the help. From Seth and Pooter Papa Tested... Dog Approved...

Kristen and Zion - 2008 Scion Xb

Best experience ever! Scott is an awesome friendly straight to the point educated guy that seriously works for you and gets you the vehicle you want. Fingers crossed that everything gets finalized with ease Monday. Thank you! :)

Lynn - 2006 Nissan Frontier

After searching around Phoenix at various dealerships for a used small truck that was in good condition I contacted 101 Auto Outlet. I was very pleased with the inventory they had and with how easy Scott was to work with. Was also impressed with his honesty about the small truck I was interested in. It was very easy to agree on a very fair price, and I really appreciated that they delivered the truck right to my door! I would definitely recommend 101 Auto Outlet to anyone. And I love my truck!

Myron & Muriel - 2003 Lexus SC430

Scott, you and your wife were extremely nice to work with in the purchase of a car. We especially appreciated your very pleasant and forthright presentation of the auto we were considering. At your suggestion, we used the auto for 24 hours; time to have it inspected by a professional Lexus mechanic, experience driving it under varying road and traffic conditions, etc.. Closing the purchase was handled very quickly, thoroughly and efficiently. Our most pleasant car purchase during 60 years nearly 20 cars of going through this process.

Daniel - 2003 Toyota Camry

I was referred to 101 Auto Outlet by another dealer when he found out I was planning on paying cash for a used car. Scott at 101 Auto Outlet was very helpful with choosing a suitable car and still surprises me with his continued customer service. I was looking for a small, reliable car with low miles and great gas mileage, all on a budget, and he had exactly what I was looking for.

Sharon - 2001 Chevrolet Corvette

I bought a corvette convertible from 101auto outlet co. I have never had such a great experience as I did from there. Scott and his team, were not only professional, but very upfront and honest on past history of vehicle. They shared the car fax and minor repairs, that still needed to be done. They promised to have it all done. and they did, exactly... that. I would not hesitate, to recommend, shopping for a car with them. Thumbs up... to Scott... he was awesome. The prices there, are so much better then going to a dealership.

The McDaniel Family - 2012 Hyundai Sonata

THANK YOU!!!! Took it up the mountain! Its even better than I had expected! Thanks for making it so easy to get done!

Junior - 2008 Cadillac DTS

***** Had a great experience want to thank every one at 101 Auto Outlet!

Mark and Anne - 2013 Toyota Tacoma

My wife and I are very pleased with how your dealership has made the new vehicle buying experience very simple, time saving and cost-effective. We plan to suggest your dealership new car and used car "streamlined" buying experience to our family and friends.

John and Chris - 2009 Audi A4

After searching throughout the state of Colorado, we flew to Phoenix and found this Audi that met all of our criteria at a great deal. The staff at 101 Auto Outlet were terrific and had the "no pressure" approach. Scott even met us on a Sunday to complete the deal so that we could drive it home the next day. We highly recommend this dealership!

Mr. and Mrs. Duran - 2006 Chevrolet Silverado

We had been looking for a truck for a couple of months before we found our Chevy Silverado at 101 Auto Outlet. We had been to lots of dealerships in Tucson and Phoenix and had seen lots of trucks in very bad condition. Some with lots of mileage, missing the radio, flat tire, dirty, bald tires and in bad shape. I called Scott and asked him if he still had the Silverado we had seen on the internet and if he could meet our price. He said he could and that if we saw the truck we would buy it. He was that confident that the truck was in great condition, clean, low miles, new tires and had been very well taken care of. We decided to go look at it. We are so glad we did because we bought it right then and there. He made it so easy we were very skeptical. It just seemed too easy, too quick and no haggling. Something just didn't seem right some how. It was a Saturday and the Credit Union where we had been pre-approved was closed but Scott wasn't worried. He let us bring the truck home and he took care of everything on Monday, faxing them what they needed and that was it. Done! We have been telling everyone we know about Scott and 101 auto outlet and would definitely use them again for our next car or truck purchase. Thanks Scott!!

Dean - 2011 Audi A3

Scott, you are awesome and I appreciate you and everyone at 101 Auto Outlet. You guys are the reason I am in my dream car right now. I will be going through you guys first when looking to buy a new car. I am so pleased with my A3 and the great business you and everyone there provided.

Greg - 1986 Chevy Corvette

Just wanted to thank you for making my purchase of the 86 corvette a painless and pleasant experience. The fact that you allowed to let me take the car home overnight and have a mechanic look it over speaks volumes.. Try that at another used car dealer and they'll tell you no way. I would recommend you to any and everyone !! Thx again Greg

Jim - 1997 Porsche Boxter

Thanks again Scott. Buying a used car, let alone a Porsche, can be a risky venture. After driving the car for a month and checking it in great detail i could not be more satisfied. i absolutely believe that you would not sell a car that you had any reservations about. I will be back...please keep your eye out for a nice SLK for my wife...

Joseph - 2004 Mercedes SL500

Outstanding customer service, hands down best dealership ever...

The Armstrong Family - 2007 Kia Sorento

The best person to buy a car from. I know because my family just bought two cars from him. Thank you Scott!

Jesse - 2007 Toyota Sequoia

***** I have bought 4 cars through Scott and won't buy anywhere else. It's nice not being upside down after financing tax title and license.

Carlton - 2002 Corvette Z06

Scott. The experience I had buying a car at 101 Auto Outlet was 180 degrees from what I expected, hell, when they didn’t email me back right away on my inquiry, and didn’t call me ever, THAT’S WHAT YOU CALL 0 PRESSURE, LOVED IT! Hats off to the staff there, they did an outstanding job handling my purchase, I’AM A VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER! I would absolutely buy another car from 101 Auto Outlet. Thanks again!

Michael - 2002 Saturn SC2

Thanks for a screamin' deal Scott! Great price and a great car. Look forward to sending customers your way!

Justin and Rachel - 2006 Honda Ridgeline

"101 Auto makes car buying an absolute joy. They treat you with dignity and respect. No hassles, let your mechanic inspect the vehicle, and pristine vehicles at the best prices! How can you go wrong? Here we are thrilled with her Ridgeline (our second buy from Scott), 2006 and we get asked if it's new twice a week. Look for us again soon with my truck. I will tell you what I tell my friends and family: If you are buying a car in Arizona, and you haven't come to see Scott, you are making a mistake.

The O'Tools - 1997 BMW 328i

Thank you Scott it was a true pleasure doing business with you. In the future for any other cars 101 Auto Outlet is where we are going.

Carina - 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Thanks so much to Scott for being such a fun, trusting, and supporting person through the process of getting a new car. He was really willing to work with me every step of the way and I can't thank him enough. Definitely a world of difference from going to a regular dealership. I would recommend 101 Auto Outlet to anyone looking for a car and a good deal.

The Oosteroms - 2006 Dodge Charger

Thanks again 101 Auto Outlet. The cars are running smooth and are serving us well!

Crystal - 2003 Ford Explorer

Scott and Cody were very low pressure and wonderful to work with. After visiting many traditional dealerships with no luck they reassured me I was in good hands and at the right place. Even after I did not find something right away on their lot they informed me of a SUV that was on its way that would be perfect for me and my son. I love my new vehicle, I received a fair deal and a good price. I will buy all my future vehicles from them. Thanks guys! Crystal

Brian DeMarco - 2007 Chevrolet Equinox

Thanks for all your work! This has been the easiest purchase I've ever made and they found exactly what I was looking hassle and great price. I would recommend 101 Auto Outlet to anyone looking for a vehicle.

Chris and Nikki - 2005 Toyota Sienna

Cody and Scott, we just wanted to say thank you for the easiest car buying experience we have ever had. After spending an entire day going to other dealerships, test driving several vehicles, and getting the typical run around, we were ready to call the day a bust. We decided to take the longer drive to 101 Auto Outlet. That turned out to be the best choice we made all day. You guys give new meaning to the terms "no pressure" and "fair pricing". Thanks again! We will definitely recommend 101 Auto Outlet to anyone who is looking for a used car. Chris and Nikki

Uhl - 2006 Honda Odyssey

Thank you Scott for helping us with the purchase of our van, it was by far the easiest experience buying a car that I have ever had. You guys made us feel like family from the moment we walked in, and even after the process you were more than willing to help us out when we needed it. You guys truly are how a business should be run, I will definitely be back when I replace my other car!!!. Thank you.

Dean - 2004 Toyota Avalon

Scott and his staff at 101 Auto Outlet are simply The Best! Friendly, honest and no pressure atmosphere. I purchased a vehicle for my wife and I must comment that in almost 25 years of buying cars I’ve never had such a great experience buying a vehicle. Scott is a straight shooter and a really great guy to be around, I felt like I was buying a vehicle from my brother. Thanks for all your help and particularly, Thanks for the great car – My wife love it!. Dean and Jennifer – San Tan Valley, AZ.

David and Kylie - 1999 Isuzu Rodeo

Just wanted to say if you are looking for a used car, go see Scott at 101 Auto Outlet. It was a pleasure doing business with him and he went the extra mile to make sure we were happy with our purchase.

Wade and Christi - 2004 Mercury Mountaineer

Thanks Scott, you and your team were awesome. Love the way you do business. We also love the SUV. We will refer you to many. GOD BLESS YOU, AND MAY HE HELP GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

Rachel - 2005 Volvo S40

These guys are the absolute best and I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for a car! Best service and prices in town!

Dave - 2012 Ford Fusion

"Outstanding" you can't get more laid back than these guys, no fuss, no muss. I walked in told them what I wanted, they showed me 2 cars. After I drove them we made a deal on the second one and I drove it off in just over an hour. These guys deliver, LOVE my ride!!! Almost makes me want to keep commuting!

Brigid - 2003 Toyota Tacoma

Thank you Scott! I was about to give up until you came along! This was by far the easiest vehicle transaction I have ever experienced. Cheri will have a wonderful home! Make sure you find Reya/Ol Yeller a great new home as well!

Justin - 2008 Cadillac CTS

5 STARS! The most ethical and legit business in car sales! Had a great experience in a low pressure, honest environment. My recommendation for anyone who is looking for a fair shake! I believe a made a new friend in the process...funny how things work out...

Derek - 2006 Honda Ridgeline

I started my Honda Ridgeline hunt via and found 2 that I really liked. One Ridgeline RT was at Autonation honda in Chandler and after a nightmare where we were signing the paper work and they sold the truck to the next person who walked in. They also raised the price after we had already met them and found it needed CV boots and power steering issues at $13,000. The next Ridgeline was next door at Subaru and the price was raised once again like the previous and while it was slightly nicer being the RTS model but was $13,000 as well. I noticed a 3rd Ridgeline at 101 Auto Outlet for $11,000 at nearly the same miles and was the RTL model which is the top Ridgeline with leather seats and all the trimmings. At first I was skeptical being they were a small dealership and especially the lower price. I gave Scott a quick call just out of due diligence and was shocked at how honest and straight forward he was giving me great advice as well in case I went to a different dealership. At first thought I said to myself "maybe he's just a slick salesman" which is why I felt so at ease. After talking to Scott, I instantly canceled my appointment with Subaru as the price of the truck was enough for me to take a chance and lose out at the RTS at Subaru. As soon as we showed up Scott showed us the tailgate didn't open in one direction but otherwise was in awesome condition. First thought again was skepticism thinking "maybe he's just telling me this to distract me from bigger problems". Not only was it in awesome condition, the engine looked immaculate and it certainly drove like it. I was again wrong about Scott. After talking about the price and all involved, I was thrilled to sign the paper work. Scott gave me 2 keys and even threw in a 3rd one just because it was from a different Honda and could probably be programmed for mine and they had no need for it. Those keys are very expensive which is another sign of how awesome this place is. Scott got a guy to fix the tailgate and after I had already fixed it myself, Scott said he would send a check for the difference. That's why I waited so long to write this review is because I was in such disbelief that I had such an awesome experience that I figured something must go wrong. I was wrong again (Do you see a trend developing) and the check showed up a few days later without a hitch. Scott stayed true to his word from the first minute I talked to him until now weeks later. I will DEFINITELY go back for my next vehicle and will refer everyone I know to go as well. Thank you so much Scott, I will never doubt you again as you're a very rare type of salesman which is one who's honest.

Sade - 2007 Mazda 3

***** Greatest car salesman you'll ever meet! THANKS SCOTT!

Greg and Kasey - 2006 Toyota Tacoma

Dear Scott, I have purchased three vehicles from your business (2) Tacoma's and (1) Scion Tc and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Every single one of them has been flawless and most important affordable. I was skeptical on how low the prices were but as soon as I drove that first Toyota Tacoma that skepticism quickly ended it was perfect! You're just an awesome guy with great deals on used cars! And no there wasn't any hidden fees or problems, not a single one. You really have made what usually is a difficult and annoying process very, very easy. It is very nice to see someone who actually cares to see people happy in their new cars and trucks. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I will definitely buy another vehicle from you in the future. I would recommend your business to all my friends and family or anyone looking to buy a car or truck any day. Thanks again for all your help! Thank you, Greg Soldinski and Kasey Howard

Marvic - 2007 Honda Civic Si

????? Seriously……an experience unlike no other! Scott was very helpful in answering questions or dilemmas I had during the sales process. When I thought I couldn't find a solution to an issue, Scott was able to rectify it. I can’t say enough about the gang at 101 Auto Outlet. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a vehicle to stop by. Best service in town….hands down.

Romanello's - 2006 Infiniti G35

Excellent car buying experience!

Cleo - 2003 Ford Expedition

I am still in shock over this deal a week later, thank all of you, you can't imagine the gratitude I feel.

Alfred and Carmen - 2009 Chevy Avalanche

Our family just purchased vehicles 4 and 5 today from 101 Auto Outlet!! Scott and Dennis are awesome and easy to work with. Highly!! Highly!! Recommend!!

Jacquie - 2010 Toyota Venza

Hi Scott and Cody, I wanted to let you know that I am thrilled with my 2010 Toyota Venza! It is everything I was looking for; low miles, pristine condition and excellent price! I also appreciate the great trade in value you gave me on my old vehicle! I have been driving the Venza for 2 weeks and could not be happier! I will refer many friends to you in the future! jacquie

Mackenzie - 2007 Nissan Altima

Thank you so much James and Cody! Im sorry it was such a pain but I love my new car!

Robert - 2010 Toyota Highlander

These guys were great!! Dennis was awesome. It was like buying a car for a friend or neighbor!! 101 Auto Outlet is where I will send my friends and family.

Mike and Emilie - 2009 Saturn Outlook

"From the first phone call to the thank you note we received two months later, we had nothing short of a fantastic experience with 101 Auto Outlet. The car was in great shape, the guys were friendly, and the process was extremely quick and simple. I would definitely recommend people to call Scott, or head over to see what was in stock."

Carly - 2004 Toyota Matrix

Scott and I both want you to know we had a great experience, especially for purchasing our Carly's first car. She is still absolutely in love with her Matrix as well! :) We will be looking to trade our Lexus in for another in another year or so and will definitely go through you!

Misty - 2006 Honda Accord

Hands down... The best car dealership I've ever came across and one of the nicest families I've ever met. I was looking for my first car to buy. When I came to the shop, I met Cody and found out the car that I saw on Craigslist was already sold the day before. I was ready to leave, but he made the effort to ask what types of cars I was looking for. I honestly let him know how I was only looking for Honda's and how I didn't want anything else, and with my luck, he told me that he was waiting to get a Honda accord that next day. He took down my information and kept me updated with everything going on with the car consistently. So I checked out the car the next day, and it was exactly what I was looking for. It was a black Honda exterior and black leather interior and it was not over priced when I compared it to Kelly Blue Book. I couldn't be more happier with it. But of course, with all used cars I had to be concerned about the maintenance that comes along with it. Being a college student at the time and as much as I liked the car, I was on a strict budget. I was upfront and let Cody and Scott know that. They cut me an AMAZING deal. They told me that their mechanics would fix up the car for me and they lowered the final price to help my budget. Scott was very easy to talk to! He gave me honest feedback on the different cars I had checked out at other dealerships. In fact, Scott referred me to a great place that offered me a pre-approved loan that was better than a lot of the local banks that I looked into prior to my visit. This man is just full of really great information. With all of the back and forth communication and after seeing how much they helped me out from start to finish, I didn't feel any guilt buying from them at all. Daphne was such a sweetheart as well, she walked me thru the quick and streamlined process. The entire family really showed me what TRUE customer service was all about. Very pleased with all of it, and I'll definitely refer anyone I know looking to buy a car.

Matt and Dona - 2004 Chrysler Sebring

"Thanks" Usually when you go to buy a car it's scary overwhelming frustrating all kinds of things. But when you walk in here it is so relaxed it is not a hard sell take place very nice people felt very relaxed about what was going on. Thank you guys so much we appreciate it sincerely, the Pinegars

Brandhagen - 2004 Toyota Highlander

Best car buying experience ever!

Pearson - 2005 Buick Rendezvous

Thank you for such an amazing experience. We loved the zero pressure atmosphere. We will definitely be spreading the word to all we know about how wonderful you guys are. The experience with you certainly pushed us quickly toward definitely wanting to buy the Rendezvous as it was a nice relaxing day rather than feeling pushed by someone who wanted to sell us a vehicle right or wrong for us

Celeste and Kyle - 2007 Honda Element

My husband and I had reservations about financing a car. We loved the freedom of not having a car payment. After 2 summers without AC and thousands of dollars in repairs later we decided that it was time to be grownups and commit to a new car and payments. My husband had always liked the Honda Element so I went to Auto Trader and 101 Auto Outlet appeared in the listings for an impeccable 2007 Honda Element with low miles. I spent a few days researching the company - they have a perfect rating on Yelp and an A rating with the BBB, along with the positive testimonials on their Facebook page. My husband and I drove the 30 miles to their dealership and we pleasantly surprised by the warm and friendly welcome from Dave and Scott. Dave walked us through all the features of the car and answered our questions. Scott helped us with the financing and was able to get us the best deal available. My husband and I appreciated the hospitality and honesty these two men showed us. Our car buying experiences have never been this easy! Thank you Scott and Dave for making our dreams come true! We love our new car and cannot wait to send you pictures from the mountains! We are recommending you to our family and friends.

Mel - 2007 Chevy Cobalt

I would like to say that I love my 2007 Chevy Cobalt! Thank you guys for giving me a chance even when my credit score would have been the laughingstock of all the creditors in all the land. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Margaret and Rena - 2005 Jeep Wrangler

Hi Scott and Dave, Just wanted to say that we had the jeep out today in the White Tanks and it was AWESOME. Thank you both for making this experience pleasant. We will be back.

Josh - 2013 Dodge Charger

I wanted to say my car buying experience was the best! The sales team were nice and honest from the start. They were nice to my kids and made it a great place to buy my car. I will continue to buy there!

The Reyes Family - 2010 Toyota Tacoma

Finally, an enjoyable experience purchasing a car. Scott and Dave are respectful, kind and considerate individuals that treated us like longtime friends. Folks we can’t call them car salesmen only because of the negative connotation the industry has brought upon itself. In fact they have distanced themselves from those high pressure tactics the big dealerships around town rely on. We consider them friends because that's how they will make you feel here. You won't find any of the trickery or non-sense fees a dealership will tack on without any remorse. 101 Auto Outlet is a straightforward here are the numbers, is this doable? “Great!” If not, “what can we do to earn your business?” “Ok we understand, here is what we can do”…type of place. The process will be quick and pleasant. No pressure at all and no Gorilla finance manager to deal with! 101 Auto Outlet thanks again!

Marcella and Janel - 2006 Nissan 350Z

My partner and I found 101 auto outlet on Google and when we pulled up we immediately were treated and helped out right away! EVERYONE at 101 treated us like we were part of the family there! They made us feel super comfortable and made the whole buying a car process so easy and painless! I will deff recommend 101 to my family and friends and even people on the streets!!!

Hunter - 2008 Ford F150

I have now purchased 2 vehicles (Infiniti G35, Ford F150) off of Scott (the owner). Every time I visit the dealership he makes me feel at home. Going here is a lot different than going to other dealerships as they don't pressure you to walk out in a car. They truly care about their customers which is hard to find in the car sales industry. I cant imagine going to another dealership to find a car after dealing with Scott. Please try this dealership when looking for your next car... you will not be disappointed.

Eric - 2000 Jeep Wrangler

Scott, Dave and Dennis were great to work with! Amazing experience overall, love the Jeep I bought.

Shirlene - 2012 Kia Soul

Just wanted to say thank you to the TEAM at 101 auto outlet!! From the time I first called Dennis and even when we walked through the door, we felt at ease and like you all were there to help us get the best deal and car we wanted!! Dennis worked his magic and was awesome!! Very helpful and knew what car was best for me!! Love love my new to me car it's awesome and your teamwork and at 101 is the best!! We will for sure be sending people your way!! Thanks again you all are A+++ in my book!!!

The Scott's - 2005 Toyota Corolla

Very friendly service and comfortable atmosphere. They helped me find just what I was looking for. I am happy that I was referred here and didn't go to an unreliable dealer.

Stephens - 2007 Dodge Charger

"kind flexible and professional" Dennis Scott and Dave just a great group of guys are respectful love the way they interacted with my children also great hospitality customer service was off the charts I would definitely recommend anybody here in the future if you're looking for quality efficiency and just overall excellent customer service what a great group of guys keep doing what you doing fellas

Jason - 2001 Toyota Tacoma

"great great great" Got my first used truck there and got a great vehicle for a great price and the staff were more than accommodating. I would recommend them to anyone

Dulce - 2011 Chevrolet Equinox

I would like to take some time to thank you for your business. I completely enjoyed working with you guys on finding the best deal for my mother and I on the Equinox. Dennis was very helpful and kept us laughing at all times. You all have a wonderful work environment and made the car shopping experience way better than the big dealerships. Because of Dennis I have the car I wanted and I am starting my credit! I have recommended 101 Auto Outlet already to two people already! A big thank you to all of you.

Macia - 2005 Infiniti G35

***** Bought an awesome Infiniti g35 from these guys. Traveled hours just to do so. Completely worth it. Friendly staff. Knowledgable. And willing to work with you to make the best deal. Happy with my decision. Check them out!

The Jerez Family - 2009 Honda Accord

***** "Best car purchase ever!!!" I want to give a special thanks to Scott and his wonderful team at 101 auto outlet! We needed a vehicle ASAP since our previous vehicle was in an accident and has been totaled by insurance. Scott, Dennis and Dave made sure to give my husband and I several options and finally got into our 2009 Honda Accord! We love it has enough room for our little family, plus the car has some extra added bonuses. If anyone is in need I say go down and talk to the guys, they are awesome and willing to go above and beyond to get something done for you! Thanks guys!

Dominic - 2008 Audi A4

We were "those " customers that came in right before close, This didnt fase 101 auto outlet at all, They were still willing to do anything in there power to help us. The staff in this esablishment are more than helpful, especially Dennis Stark,Scott Watson and the young receptionist,who stayed way past close, so we could walk away with our beautiful Audi A4. It was My First car I had so many questions they answered every one them. 101 Auto Outlet truly loves and cares about there customers and it shows. Friendly prices and outstanding people! I wouldn't go anywhere else, and I would recomend Everyone!

Claudel - 2005 Honda S2000

I stumbled on 101 Auto Outlet while looking for an S2000. I am so glad that I went to see them. My purchase has been so relaxing and pleasant from start to finish unlike the typical stressful car deals. I was treated so well that I basically feel that now I have three new uncles (Scott, Dennis and Dave) lol with a car dealer who will take care of me or anybody in any car purchase. I highly recommend them to all. Thanks again Guys!

Ashley - 2012 Hyundai Elantra

***** Everyone was super friendly and were willing to put in extra effort to help me out. They are 100% sincere people and I highly recommend them for anyone who is looking for a GREAT deal on a great vehicle.

Louie & Vanessa - 2008 Ford Expedition

Just want to say thanks Scott & Denis, the 08 expedition is awesome, we got a great price, the service we got was the best I've ever seen, the vehicle selection is really nice, and no other dealer I know will take the extra time to find you a better finance deal. We will be back for all our vehicle needs!

Vanessa and Justin - 2008 Mazda Speed 3

"Great people and great service" This was my first car purchase and was glad to find the car I wanted at their dealership. The people working here are very very friendly and personable. They worked very hard and spent a good amount of time finding us the right financing for the car. Not only that, but while you are waiting Dennis and Scott will have you laughing the whole time. The atmosphere is not your typical auto dealership with the pushy salesmen and pressured deals. You walk in and are greeted with a smile and are told to take your time while browsing the vehicles. If you don't think you can get a car because of a credit situation, think again. These guys will try their best to get the best deal possible. I would highly recommend visiting 101 Auto Outlet, They really do want to see their customers happy. Thank you to the whole crew at 101 Auto Outlet. I will be sending people to you if they are in need of a car.

Greta - 2007 Honda CR-V

***** "Awesome! Dennis is my new BFF" My daughter and I were desperately looking for a vehicle for her...Dennis along with the rest of the staff were so helpful and had my daughter in a car and driving away in about an hour and a half ...No games...Very good experience and have already recommended them to friends

The Weissingers - 2011 Ford Edge

Scott has taken the uggggggg and grrrrrrrr out of buying a car. Who likes to have a throw down, or out and out battle to negotiate with the salesman at the DRALER. I can, and have but who has the time or energy when you can come to the 101 outlet. I'm done buying new cars with pushy dealers only to loose thousands the minute I drive it off the lot. Thanks Scott for changing the buying experience to something exciting, fun, and easy!!

Lynn - 2007 Toyota Camry

***** "Awesome" I am a repeat customer that will be back again! I could not do have dealt with better guys! Trust all of them. Thank you for making it a pleasant purchase.

Dan - 2007 BMW 530i

***** "Fantastic" 101 Auto Outlet is very friendly and are very easy to work with. Dennis had just sold me a newer BMW and I couldn't be more satisfied. They have a great team and a great shop.

Peterson - 2010 Lexus ES

"Excellent Customer Service!!!!" We had a wonderful experience working with Dennis Stark. The entire staff went out of their way to make our buying experience very pleasant. They attended to any of the items we wanted addressed in a prompt and professional manner. Thank you so much for a great experience and we will definitely recommend your dealership to our friends!

Nick - 2008 Ford F150

"Best dealer transaction ever" The folks are 101 Auto Outlet are an amazing set of guys. They're honest, supportive and caring to their customers (old or new). To put the icing on the cake their cars are also in tip top condition. I would definitely recommend anyone I know to check with them first before looking anywhere for a new car purchase. I've never been so happy with a car deal. Absolutely no regrets. Thanks guys!

Stetch - 2013 Nissan Altima

"Custumer Service At is Finest !!!" My Experience at 101 Auto Outlet was absolutely Fantastic ! Scott and his Staff were great to deal with !! when i called and told them what i was looking for they had me come in and test dive some of the cars with no Pressure. So i did just that on Friday and when i was done test driving i was able to ask a few Questions and go home to make my decision, So i called Scott this Morning and i was driving home in my new ride 1 hour later. I would recommend 101 auto outlet to anyone looking for a Vehicle !! Thanks for everything !!!

Joe - 2009 Jeep Liberty

"Amazing customer service with quality vehicles" I had an awesome experience with Scott and his team. I drove several vehicles looking for the right fit to replace my car that was totaled only 5 days before that. They were very patient with my indecisiveness. I chose a 2009 Jeep Liberty and I am very happy with it. They got me financed quickly and I couldn't be happier.

Maria - 2001 BMW Z3

"The best customer service I have ever had from a dealership " I have bought a lot of cars, T his was best customer service I have ever had. DENNIS was my sales person . Very helpful and I can see why they are still around I will buy my nexted car from them and refer them to everyone.

Brandon - 2010 VW New Neetle

"Top Notch Experience." I purchased a car from 101 Auto Outlet this week and have to say that I am very pleased with my experience. I dealt directly with Dennis and man was he a character. I'll be the first to admit I am not a dealership guy and that's why I chose to look at a smaller lot. Needless to say I was very impressed by how down to earth the entire experience was, even when money became involved. The car was the exact car I was looking for, all the way down to the color and they were the only dealership in town that had it available! The car was in good condition and the test drive was very laid back. They even threw in a tank of gas! What a great group of guys. After I completed the purchase of the car they didn't shoo me out the front door either. I had a great conversation with Dennis and Scott about other cars they had at their location and even got the chance to see a couple of them that they had stored away. I have to say for being a used car lot I did not see a single car that I wouldn't have driven out of there. Everything was clean, well taken care of and neatly positioned to give you the feel of a bigger lot without the hassle and headache of dealing with pushy salespeople. Barring any setbacks with the vehicle I purchased, I will return to this location when I'm in the market again. Fantastic job guys!

The Tuilefanos - 2004 Chevy TrailBlazer

This review is long over due! I had a wonderful experience with 101 Auto. My first contact with this dealership was with Dennis over the phone, whom which was such a welcoming person! The following day after speaking with Dennis I decided to come into the dealership and was greeted very kindly by Dave. Dave was able to help me get comfortable and find a vehicle I was set on getting. After having my decision set on being a first time owner of an SUV he helped me get into a '04 Chevy Trail Blazer for a test drive. This was the car for me! I then worked with Scott to make it all a GO! Scott..., Scott had to be one of the coolest people I have met. He made sure I was comfortable with what I was purchasing. Did his absolute best on closing the deal that provided me the lowest monthly car payment I've EVER had!! He makes you feel as if you've been part of the 101 Auto Outlet Family from day 1! Also, He was more than kind to my family and went to the lengths as far as keeping my young child occupied throughout the process, provided a home feel while we waited and when I had a concern he addressed it with NO hesitation! I had brought my car back to the dealership a few days after purchasing it to make sure EVERYTHING checked out 100% as a buyer. Although I came on a holiday (Memorial Day) Scott and Dennis helped anyways. Not once told me "NO" or made me feel as if I was a burden with my questions/concerns. Scott even had offered to put me in another car while they looked at my vehicle. This did not work for me, having to travel back and forth while living so far. This being so, Scott drove my family home safely without thinking twice about it. With a quick turn around time that my car seemed to be A-OK with the guys at 101 Auto both Scott and Dennis were the absolute greatest help on making sure my vehicle was to delivered back to me right at my front door! I appreciate the lengths these men went to ensure a new loyal customer. Thank you Scott, Dennis and Dave for bringing me into 101 Auto Outlet Team!

Gretchen - 2003 Nissan Frontier

"Best car buying experience ever." I spent 1 1/2 hours with Dennis and Scott at 101 Auto Outlet. No pressure. No hassles. I got the deal I wanted and more. We bantered and laughed all the way to my driving out with a 2003 Nissan Frontier XE. I have purchased many cars, but never without the knot in my stomach. No so this time. And i feel good about their honesty and support. Scott's the one who promised me "flames" on my new Frontier. I won't hold him to it though! Everyone was wonderful, even Scott. (ha)

Dane - 2005 Honda CR-V

"No hassle quick sales." The way all dealers should be. No pressure or dragging things out, you only deal with one person not multiple layers of managers and salesmen.

A Agents - 2013 Toyota Tacoma

"Needed a fleet vehicle - they got me in and out in no time" I needed another vehicle for my business's fleet, and they had a Toyota Tacoma pickup for sale that was just what I needed. One reason I don't like dealing with the larger dealers is that it takes FOREVER to actually buy a car. I've walked to pay for a car in cash and it still takes 4 hours for them to get me out the door. 101 Auto Outlet was great - After a brief test drive to confirm the vehicle was in good working order, they had me out the door in 1/2 hour. When I look for my next fleet vehicle, I'll start with 101 Auto Outlet!

LeeAnna - 2009 Mini Clubman

"Great Service" Dennis Stark and Scott Watson were very easy to work with. The time spent financing the car was extremely quick and Dennis was able to negotiate a much lower interest rate for me with the bank. Both guys are very friendly and it was the easiest car buying experience of my life.

Mulnix - 2009 Toyota Highlander

"Quick and Easy!" My father was in the car business for many years. I have been to other dealers that "play the game." This was not one of them. Scott was up front and honest about the cars I was looking at. Every car was incredibly clean and a good option for us. Dennis took care of finding our financing, and we were in and out in a little over 30 minutes when we came to pick it up. I felt we got a good deal on our trade AND our purchase.

Paulson - 2008 Ford Escape

"Totally Killer Deal" We actually were just going to this dealership to test drive a vehicle. However loved it so much we decided to talk. I know Dennis will say I drive a hard bargain, but when I want something, I know what price I will pay. We were not pushed into a vehicle that we didn't want because of "what they thought we could afford" and we came out of the deal happy, and with a 2008 Ford Escape XLT. Thank you very much for working out a deal we could live with.

Bri and Dan - 2009 Nissan Rogue

"Awesome dealership! " Amazing staff! 101 Auto outlet really helped and got me into a car i wanted. They worked with my situation , Dennis and Scott are nice guys and easy to work with. We tried getting an auto loan for another car through another dealership and they denied our application but Dennis and Scott was able to get the lender to approve us through their dealership! Now my boyfriend and I have bought both our cars through 101 Auto Outlet and we couldn't be more satisfied. Thanks!

Aaron - 2001 Chevy Tahoe

"Great experience !" Very easy going no pressure like these other dealerships. Willing to work with you, Friendly over all a great experience! I purchased a 2001 Chevy Tahoe from Dennis and I am very satisfied with how I was treated. Defiantly I recommend anyone that is looking to buy and its their first time go to 101 Auto Outlet you wont be let down!

Angelica and Luis - 2009 BMW 135i

"No pressure! Amazing place to buy a car!" I was so impressed that there was no pressure from a pushy sales man it was short and sweet we saw what we wanted and they made it happen! I definitely recommend going here good prices on all models and amazing service! Thanks again guys Luis loves "Betsy"!

Al - 2005 Mercedes SLK

"One of the Best Ever!!" It was a pleasure to be welcomed into this dealership. Dennis greeted us at the door; great experience from the Hello. We were shown the car we requested; given great details about the car and then we took the car for a spin. Came to the conclusion this was the car for us. No pressure at all. Great deal; great service; felt like we had know Dennis for along time. We purchased a MB 2005 SLK350. Looking for a vehicle; first place to go is 101 Auto outlet ......................... See Dennis and company.

Donovan and Laura - 2007 Ram 1500

My wife and I had originally went to get a 5 thousand dollar truck but got into a much nicer and newer 07 Ram 1500. First off My wife and I never really liked going to dealers because of the hassle and constant phone calls, emails, questions and initiative to make a decision. But with the great reviews we had decided to give the WONDERFUL staff @ 101 auto outlet a shot. We arrived with a nice welcome and were given keys to test drive the vehicle we went to see. After a short drive we were not able to get the 5k truck since we couldn't get it financed so at the time Dennis gave us keys for a much nicer truck and said even if we weren't interested to go drive it and see what we thought and we could talk. So we though, oh what can it hurt? So we went on a nice test drive and fell in love with it! Not only was it fully loaded, lower miles, great car fax, and was VERY clean in, out and under we decided to throw the numbers around. Although it was a huge choice since we had originally went to get a cheap little truck we had to think about it and once again Dennis hit it out of the park and had NO PROBLEM with us going home and thinking about it for 2 days. After we decided to get the truck Dennis already had everything ready to go including the tags, paperwork etc. He was also extremely helpful in getting us a livable payment and down payment so we could get our badass truck! To anyone who hates the majority of the hassle of dealers and the insecurity of private party buying 101 Auto Sales is the ONLY dealer to shop at hands down.

Bland - 2006 Subaru Outback

"Honest, friendly, no pressure, small and personal" I had found a used car on that was located at this dealership and went down to look at it. The car in the ad was okay, but a little older and not quite what we were looking for. Dennis, one of the salesman, asked if we wanted to look at a different car of the same brand that they had on the lot. At first, we were not that excited about the other car as it was a little more than we wanted to spend, but we looked. Well, I am happy to say that we wound up purchasing that car (and we love it so far)! There was no pressure, no slick moves and hype and we got it at a fair price. The paperwork went quickly and we left with our purchase without feeling stressed (as is usually the case in buying a car at a dealer). Working with a small, privately owned dealer with a sound reputation makes all the difference. The car is not perfect, it has a couple of dings and a drip of oil each night and has a bit of miles on it, but we knew that going in to the deal. We got it at market value; no screaming deal and all, but again, the overall experience and having to not get angry and frustrated at the dealer was worth it.

Brianna - 2007 Saturn Ion

"Amazing Experience" I was a first time buyer. Scott and Dennis were awesome with my mother and I. Couldn't have asked for a better experience for buying my first car! Definitely will be back!

Dereck - 2007 Audi A4

"Went above and beyond to make sure the car made me happy" Purchased an Audi and had an issue with the tires with in two weeks I noticed noise and baldness in a couple tires.. Because it was a Audi Quattro the tire shop wanted to replace 4 tires. 101 Auto stepped up and made it happen. The car has been perfect ever since. They even called me back because they had an extra Key. doesn't sound like much but they are very pricey keys from the dealer. Dennis was really good at getting what I needed in the deal done. I would definitely return to purchase another car.

Stevens - 2010 Ford Mustang GT

"Great customer service, relaxed atmosphere" Let's talk about customer service. I saw the Mustang GT online and gave Dennis a call. Told him that I live up north and wanted to come down to look, and test drive the car. I told him that I had issue trying to buy a car in my hometown and I didn't want to be haggled or pressured. He assured me that they were like no dealer that I had ever been to. He was right! Both him and Scott were the most laid back people I have ever met. The first thing they did were give me the keys and told me to take it for a test drive. I took the car to my mechanic to get checked out, and he gave me thumbs up! I drove the car back to the dealership and told Dennis let's do business. We did the paper work, and as he promised didn't try haggling at all on the price. I would recommend them to all my friend and anyone who is reading this review. Thanks guys (Daphne and Tucker too) you made me one happy man!

Gloyer - 2005 Mercedes SLK

"These guys are great!" I just purchased a 2005 Mercedes-Benz SLK350 from Dennis and he was great. There was no pressure to buy and the financing part was easy and painless. Dennis saved me a lot of money on the loan and got me the payment I wanted. If you are looking for a car go see Dennis first.

Todd and Gia - 2006 Lexus IS 250

"best car-buying experience ever!" Scott and Dennis do not fit the stereotype of "car salesmen." They are so straight forward and honest, that you immediately know you have picked the right place to purchase a car. Absolutely no B.S. here, nothing underhanded and sketchy, at all. Just a great inventory of cars, and yes, they have a fabulous selection, along with fair, trustworthy business-practice. I will always go back to this place. Not to mention I picked up a gorgeous Lexus that I am in love with :)

The Sworans - 2007 Nissan Altima

"Very Honest and Upfront" Bought our 3rd car from this dealership and Scott is great. He has been very upfront about the cars that he sells and has tried to help us with good selections of reliable cars for our children. Every car we have bought has been great.

Alli and Chase - 2000 Nissan Pathfinder

"I wouldn't go anywhere else, ever! They are amazing! " Thanks to Dennis he found me a great rate, monthly payment, and truly built around what I needed! Scott in sales was pressure free and only looked out for my best interest! He showed me vehicles he thought were safe, reliable, and in my price range for me and my family! This place is absolutely amazing!!! Thanks all of you at 101 auto outlet! :)

Otho and Sarah - 2008 VW Touareg 2

"Simple, relaxed, unbeatable prices, steller financing!" I've been shopping around for 2 weeks when I found 101 Auto Outlet. When I came to the dealership the salesman knew me by name from my online application. A dealer plate in hand, he asked me "what are you interested in", I told him what I was looking at and he went and got the keys put the plate on and said " I figure if you if you like the car it will sell itself" so I went on a ride, in fact I went on 5 by myself. With no pressure, I gave him the numbers I was trying to work with; that everybody else I had talked to, couldn't make happen. Dennis was my salesman and I would recommend him to anybody who wants an easy go lucky, no pressure sales man to work with. He met all of my needs and was very concerned about what it was that I was trying to accomplish. With his amazing attitude, I walked away with a brand new, used car, an amazing price and an even more amazing interest rate. Over 7% points below what everybody else could offer. I will definitely go there in the future and I recommend you give them a call now, if you would like the same experience.

Lashay - 2012 Kia Optima

"Awesome " I'm really proud and amazed how Dennis & Scott worked magic for me as a "First time" buyer I was denied by 2 people and Dennis was about to work his magic & get me approved for a 2012 Kia Optima I total love my first car I would recommend everyone to get there Cars from 101 auto outlet . Thanks Dennis & Scott I love my new car !!!!!! #TheBest??

The Ortiz Family - 2011 BMW X5

"satisfied customer!" Thank you to Dennis Scott for taking the time and helping us get the car we been waiting for along time. Dennis was very helpful and patient with us and worked hard to make this happen for us! Thank you again Dennis!!!

The Melloh Family - 2008 Ford F250

"Straight up!" Scott and Tucker walked through step by step every thing about the purchase of my new truck. Everything they said happened in a very timely manner. Thanks again guys. Keep up the great customer service!

Rocky and Vince - 2005 Infiniti G35

That you Scott! That was the most painless shopping experience of my life. I will never go anywhere else for a car again.

Matthew - 2010 Subaru WRX

"Best Service In Town! Best Dealer In Town! " The absolute best car buying experience ever! From walking into the office and meeting Tucker and Scott to Dennis beating my banks interest rate and payment, 101 Auto Outlet made me feel right at home. I wouldn't and won't go anywhere else. The only way I could feel more comfortable is if I was wearing MY flip flops!

The Bacons - 2004 Jeep Liberty

"Excellent Customer Service" Thank you Dennis for making the experience of purchasing a vehicle so pleasant, You were extremely patient with us, and did not put pressure on us like the larger dealerships do. We will definitely recommend you to anyone we hear that is in need of purchasing a vehicle.

The Lopez Brothers - 2005 Honda S2000

"Great experience!" Best car buying experience. These guys made it easy and fun! We were there for about 4 hours, but it didn't even feel like it because Dennis kept us entertained with stories and jokes.

Matias - 2014 Ford Focus Titanium

Dennis and Scott, thanks so much for giving me the best car buying experience ever!!!!! 101 Auto Outlet is definitely the place to go get your next car!!!!!

Tim - 2010 Honda Odyssey

"Easy deal on a great van!" Went in to the office and sat down with Dennis, no hassles no pressure and definitely no stress. Left with a new minivan for our family. Will be going back to these guys for any used car purchases i have from now on. Thanks for everything! Love our gently used van!!! Scott even bought us some lunch while we finished the paperwork. Top notch!

Austin - 2000 Toyota Celica

"The place to go!" 101 Auto Outlet is the place to go! Scott and Dennis were awesome and very helpful (not to mention funny!) They definitely make buying a car a fun experience and stress free!! If your looking for your next vehicle stop by 101 auto outlet and you'll see what I'm talking about!

Destini - 2001 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

Scott was very helpful, great personality!!! He stayed an hour passed close just to get me back on the road! He even offered to fight for a lower interest rate on my loan, on my behalf! I recommend this dealership to everyone looking for an honest reliable customer service experience!

Austin - 2006 Mini John Cooper S

"Wonderful, absolutely caring. " The dealership is small and still growing so the employees really make you feel valued. Dennis and Scott even offered to replace my battery for free if it was faulty.

Tim - 2007 Toyota Sequoia

"Fair price and quality product" There was no pressure or hard sales pitch. A quality product at a fair price. Really happy with my purchase and follow up. I would recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a car.

Tanya and Clark - 2014 Toyota Highlander

"Appreciate the "no BS" experience!" We have purchased a LOT of cars over the years and avoided buying from a dealer like the plague. We'd been looking for an AWD 2014+ Highlander for months and finally found just what we were looking for at 101 Auto. Instead of waiting till he was back in town, my husband sent me to preview the car,

Abel and Jacob - 2008 Ford Mustang

I looked for a Mustang for 7 months. And I found it here. Clean body runs good nice paint. Dennis let me and my son drive it. They played no games. Waited for me to make my decision and had the car ready for me and my son to pick up. My boy is a Mustang fan. And we love our American classic! Also this place did a great job with the financing. If your serious about buying a car you have to check this place out. Thank You Scott and Dennis!

Stacy - 2005 Honda CR-V

Thank you!!! 101 Auto is AWESOME!!!!

Max - 2005 Toyota 4Runner

It was an absolute pleasure working with Dennis and Scott! Absolutely no pressure and these guys are the most professional and straight forwards guy in the business! Would definitely recommend 101 Auto outlet to anyone looking for a new car!

The Jacksons - 2007 Nissan Titan

To everyone looking for your next car or truck I highly recommend 101 Auto Outlet. A family orientated dealership that takes the stress out of buying a car. Dennis and Scott make you feel right at home and did everything to make my deal happen. I got the truck I wanted at the price I wanted. I couldnt be happier, now all I need is one of those sport tents that goes in the bed of the truck. Thank you guys.

Jay and Mary - 2000 BMW Z3

"Great Dealership" Scott and Dennis were both professional and personable making the typically painful car-buying exercise very comfortable. They had exactly the car we were looking for and it was in absolutely pristine condition at a very good price. No high pressure sales tactics and quality vehicles.

Aaron - 2005 Infiniti G35

You guys were great man!! As a first time buyer I was pretty nervous about the whole car buying experience but Dennis and Scott made it 1000 times easier than I thought. They were both flexible and willing to work with my needs, definitely coming back when the time comes and sending everyone that needs a car their way! Thanks again guys!!!

The Seyfarths - 2012 Dodge RAM

101 Auto Outlet....what a FIND!! Professional, friendly, and esp...NO BULL!!! They really worked with us to give us a smoking deal on the Dodge Ram 1500 we got. I can guarantee you that as long as Scott & Dennis (my favorite saleman ever!!!!) are in business, I'll NEVER deal with a big car dealership again. First time I've ever had a pleasant time purchasing a vehicle & I LIKED it! Way to go, guys...YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

The Nakazaki's - 1999 GMC Conversion Van

Our experience at 101 auto outlet was absolutely stellar.Dennis is amazing, honest,upbeat and genuine.I truly appreciate the professional treatment,he made us feel like the business was appreciated and appreciated him willingness to work with us and make sure we were completely satisfied.I highly recommend to anyone looking to get a used car!

Caleb and Rebekah - 2009 Dodge Ram

As an employee in the customer service industry and I know how difficult it can be to make one customer happy, much less all of them. I bought a much better truck than I was looking for at a great price. Before beginning my car search I began researching car dealers. I read horror story after horror story of people who were ripped off by used car and new car dealers alike. One phrase that really stuck with me was “You know a dealer is lying because his lips are moving”. I went in with all my defenses up, had the truck inspected by an ASE certified mechanic. Before I left the dealer Scott told me if I had any problems to let him know and he would take care of it. After buying the truck I had one small issue with a door lock. I informed Scott about it and he said “No problem! Bring it by and we will take care of it for you!” And he did just that! I was very surprised to find a car dealer was true to his word and pleased at the level of customer service, which isn’t offered at the bigger dealers. I also had a pre-approved loan from my personal bank with a terrible interest rate, which was blown out of the water by the great interest rate given by the financial institutions who work with 101 Auto Outlet. Daphne did an excellent job of explaining all of the legal talk of the contract. I wouldn't go anywhere else for a used car.

Tylar - 2001 Ram 3500

The service was awesome. Great vehicles at great prices. Scott and Dennis were honest, forthright, and an actual joy to do business with. Highly recommend to anyone looking to buy a vehicle without the typical vulture sale tactics!

Todd - 2002 Chevrolet Corvette

"Wonderful All Around Experience" I wanted to say thank you to Dennis and the 101 Auto Outlet team. I purchased a very well priced 2002 Vette from them over the Internet. I was very comfortable reviewing their detailed pics and they answered several other questions that I had before the purchase. After the financing cleared, I flew to Arizona to pick up the car and Dennis was kind enough to pick me up after arrival to take me to the dealership to complete the transaction. It took less than 30 min before I was ready to start my 1000 mile road trip home. Dennis was kind enough to fill up my new car before I left. The car performed flawlessly on the trip. I look forward to working with them again on any future auto needs.

Steven - 2009 Audi Q7

"Great to work with" I am very happy with my new Audi that I purchased from 101. The sales people were very helpful and ensures that I got what I was looking for.

Emberly - 2011 Kia Optima

"Love my KIA OpTima!" The salesmen & lady were patient and very nice to us. We were able to get our new car without any issues and it's wonderful, perfect for our family. Thanks 101 Auto Outlet!

Sammie - 2010 Ford Mustang

"Great Experience" 101 Auto Outlet made my first car buying experience amazing! They were very friendly and honest with me through the whole process! Not to mention, they gave me a great deal. I would recommend them to anyone. I would definitely go back to them again.

Norm and Diana - 2001 Buick LeSabre

"We Love our 2001 Buick LeSabre" We had our previous car, a 2000 Buick LeSabre Limited, stolen before Christmas. It was a car we intended to keep for several more years so we hoped to find another LeSabre similar to our previous one. We saw 101 Auto Outlet online ad for a 2001 Buick LeSabre and called them to set up an appointment to see the car the next day. When we got there, Scott had not only put on new tires but had it waiting out front for us to test drive. It had 50,000 less miles on it than our stolen LeSabre plus more features. It was in very good condition for its age. We took the time to check out a few other vehicles for sale at 101 Auto. At no time did we feel pressured to choose between the LeSabre and the other cars we expressed an interest in. The LeSabre was our choice and Dennis was very helpful in going over the paperwork and finalizing the sale. We've had the car for two weeks and have had our preferred auto service thoroughly go over the car from front to back. There were a few minor things to be taken care of but their opinion was that we got a heck of a deal on a car that should last us for many more years and miles. We highly recommend 101 Auto and Scott and Dennis to anyone looking for a quality used car at a fair price.

Cassandra - 1999 VW Beetle

"Very comfortable and easy" Dennis was our guy. He was very nice, and very welcoming. We didn't feel pressured into buying a car, and he wasn't pushy about it either! I would 100% reccommend this dealership. Very good quality cars, fair prices, and easy purchasing process.

Kelsey - 2007 Dodge Caliber

Hands down the friendliest place weve been to buy a car. Dennis was great! Super happy with my car, great service. Id definitely go back!

Stacy - 2005 Honda CR-V

"True customer service" I love this dealership. I came with all kinds of defenses up because of two awful experiences with big dealerships... Then when I got there they let me test drive every vehicle I wanted... They actually had the vehicles they advertised online (unlike the other dealers, btw!!!) and the prices were completely reasonable to me. They got me financing with a good interest rate, and they did not make me feel like I was a waste of their time just because I wasn't able to buy a brand new car. Thank you Dennis and 101 Auto!!!

Alfred and Carmen - 2008 Land Rover Range Rover

Our family just purchased vehicles 4 and 5 today from 101 Auto Outlet!! Scott and Dennis are awesome and easy to work with. Highly!! Highly!! Recommend!!

Sam - 2012 Subaru Outback

Scott was great! He gave me a good deal and made it hassle free. It was quick and painless, I'd recommend 101 auto outlets to anyone! Thanks again scott!

Jesse, Alec and Casey - 2008 Scion xB

"Great deal with great service" Dennis and Scott were professional and very helpful. They both answered all my questions and even returned my calls 'after hours'. They were able to get me the car I wanted at the price I needed and closed the deal quickly. My daughter is enjoying her new xB very much! ~Thanks

The Fosters - 2014 Chrysler Town and Country

We love it!!! Thank you so much. Great Business !

Elaine - 2007 Jeep Liberty

I would definitely recommend 101 Auto outlet. The paperwork was ready and we were in and out in 30 minutes.

Mark - 2007 VW Beetle

Thank you very much Dennis and Scott! My daughter loves the 2007 Beatle. Best car buying experience I have ever had, and I've purchased a number of cars. It's great to know there are still honest and trustworthy car dealerships out there. You have a customer for life and all of my friends are going to know about the 101 Auto Outlet. Great Job!!!! Keep doing what you guys do!

Julie and Rito - 2002 Ford F150

From the start, just submitting the online inquiry regarding the vehicle we wanted. We got a quick response, no pressure. 101 did follow up within the week to see if we wanted to come down and take a look at the F-150. We let them know we would be there on a Saturday. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by 2 gentleman. They already knew who we were. They shook our hands, introduced themselves and said let me get the keys and they said take the vehicle for a drive. No one went with us from their dealership. Which is odd, other dealerships, they want a dealer representative to go with you when you test drive. They made us feel more than comfortable from the first phone call to when we arrived to the dealership/office. When we came back, they took us in. We talked a bit with Dennis and went over all the numbers. They didn’t try to put us in another vehicle, they did all they could beforehand and behind the scenes we did not see that made the deal possible. The atmosphere was in a comfortable setting, the attitudes were very upbeat and positive but yet easy going. Which made the process so much more at ease. With the talking, before we knew it the deal was done. I would say no more than 1 hour max, maybe even less to purchase the F-150. We had some small issues with the vehicle, we communicated that to them and scheduled an appointment and it is all taken care of now. What an unforgettable Experience, We would recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a vehicle. I would like to Extend our Gratitude to Dennis and Scott for all the Extra efforts in putting us in our Black F-150, We love it! They were such a PLEASURE to work with.

Shantel - 2011 Chevy Volt

"I love my car, best experience!" I highly recommend 101 Auto Outlet. They are friendly, fun, helpful and caring. They will help you get what you want. There is NO pressure, just an overall great experience. I love my car and I will definitely be going back in the future.

Pedro and Yosell - 2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse

"Great job...Love my Car" I went to 101 AutoOutlet wanting a mitsubshi Spider an Dennis got me approved in no time it wasn't easy but the guy was like a pitbull ! I will be back in the furture to see Dennis and 101 Auto Outlet!

Katharine - 2012 Infiniti G37

"Love, Love , Love this dealership!!! Best experience EVER!!!" As soon as I walked in I immediately felt like family. I would strongly recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a great car with more than fair prices. I will definitely get all my future cars here! Dennis and Scott are the most awesome, honest and caring people. Thank you for such and amazing experience!! I LOVE MY CAR!!!!!

Mike and Yudi - 2006 Toyota Avalon

If you want a big dealer experience in a small dealer stop looking elsewhere. 101 Auto Outlet is the right place! They will treat you like an old friend and they will work with you to give you the best service ever. Dennis is a great person, a salesman you can trust. He will even make you baby laugh if he is bored or crying. He will make you feel at home.

Clauson - 2002 Toyota Highlander

Professional, not pushy. Will go back to them. It was a quick, easy experience. I would highly recommend this dealership. Dennis was great to work with.

Jacob & Alexandra - 2010 Hyundai Genesis

I ended up at 101 auto outlet after test driving cars for about 2 months found that the selection and customer service was the best so far. I test drove a 2010 Hyundai genesis 3.8 and fell in love with the car. Needless to say I ended up with my 2010 Genesis coupe and thank you to the friendly and helpful staff who made me feel welcomed and appreciated. These guys don't just sell cars they sell something they believe in. So far I am happy and grateful for my new car and the experience.

Austin and Lauren - 2008 Nissan Titan

Best place to do business with , they made us feel like family not just another customer . We drove from Colorado for the Titan and it was worth it ! We would gladly drive 13 hours to do business with them again :)

Logan - 2006 Ford Mustang

Got my 2006 v6 mustang from 101 auto outlet and the car is great. Runs great, and the customer service was outstanding. Would for sure recommend!!

Jordan and Tiffany - 2010 Honda CR-V

We had a great experience at 101 Auto Outlet! Fun staff and very reasonable when it comes to the pricing of their vehicles. Would highly recommend this dealership to a friend!

Carsen - 2011 Chevy Cruz


Carsen thought she was clothes shopping as she "tried on" several, finally deciding on the Chevy Cruze (top Blue one). Thank you to Daphne and Scott for making this fun for Carsen, and painless for Leslie and me!

Dennis - 2012 Lexus ES350


 This car is exactly what I was looking for, you made this a smooth buy, you said take it for a couple days and it only took me a couple hours before I came back to sign the papers for her, she is a beautiful car, I've been looking for THIS car for close to 5 months and you had her tucked away in your shop with some of your other beautiful cars, but it didn't take long to convince me that I needed her, you actually didn't have to say a word, the nice little test drive said it all, once again SCOTT,, thank you for hiding her in the garage for me, I would have no problem sending business your way, five star my friend!

Rodriguez - 2005 Dodge RAM 1500


Scott & Team,
Thank you all so much for the positive and hassle free car buying experience.  I am an ASE certified technician and the quality of the vehicle was off the charts!  You have earned my trust and future business.  5 Stars! Thank You!

Matt - 2013 Toyota Rav4

                Best place ever to buy a car!! We love you and Your beautiful wife!!

Aaron and Maryanne - 2007 Porsche Cayman


Had an excellent buying experience with Scott at 101 Auto Outlet. He worked with me to coordinate an inspection with a a specialist shop while I was in the opposite part of town which made things a lot easier on my end. The whole car buying experience was fun, easy, and quick. Would love to come back for any future needs.

The Shroyers - 2014 Ford Edge

Excellent shopping experience and great prices! Thank you Dennis and Scott for everything!!!

Kristin and Eric - 2011 VW GTI

Found a vehicle that I was interested in on Stopped by the 101 Auto Outlet on my way home from work to check out the car. We were greeted by the owner Scott. He brought the vehicle around front immediately, handed us the keys with a handshake and told us to test drive as long as it took to feel comfortable with the vehicle. This was the first time I have ever had such a no-nonsense test drive experience. This was such a breath of fresh air not having a financially motivated car dealer telling us why we should buy the car. He let us test drive on our own with no stress. We were able to assess the vehicle's capabilities and talk freely about how it measured up with our expectations. When we arrived back to the 101 Auto Outlet we knew we had come to the right place to purchase our next vehicle. I let Scott know that the very next day my son would be graduating from high school and we were trying to have this vehicle on our drive-way with a big red bow on it before his graduation ceremony the next day. Scott made it his mission, as a family man with kids himself, to get the credit approval and paperwork all together so all I needed to do was show up the next day and sign - which took no more than 20 minutes. In my 40 yrs of buying cars I have never had such an amazing experience. Scott and the rest of the crew at 101 Auto Outlet proved that the old days of spending 8+ hours at a car dealership being hounded by money hungry sales people are a thing of the past. Based on this experience, we will definitely be coming to Scott, Dennis and the 101 Auto Outlet family as our first choice in buying other cars. Their professionalism and commitment to the car buying experience is outstanding!

Zach - 2011 Scion Tc

"Awesome" Both of these guys were awesome to work with. Both worked really hard to help finance me the scion tC that I wanted since it was my first vehicle and I really appreciate that. Both are the friendliest people I have ever met and if I ever need another vehicle I know for sure to check these guys out before going anywhere else for another vehicle. I'd like to thank both of these guys for helping me get my first car even though it was a hassle with financing, the car is amazing and I love it a lot. I recommend these guys because they know what they are doing and the best at what they do.

Mark and Christina - 2005 Honda Civic

"Best Car Buying Experience " Great place, very laid back and friendly. Test drove a couple vehicles found one I liked and was driving it home in a couple hours. Dennis was awesome, no pressure, recommended some other services I will being checking out. Best car buying experience I have ever had.

Yazzi Family - 2000 Dodge RAM 2500

Purchasing a used vehicle can be hectic, but at 101 Auto Outlet, I found the right truck and paperwork and picking up our truck was quick and easy!! I highly recommend 101 Auto Outlet, they were very friendly and helpful.

Bob and Cindy - 2013 Ford Escape

"Best experience ever!" We just bought our 2nd vehicle from 101 Auto Outlet and the process from start to finish was easy and hassle free.We worked with Dennis Stark both times and couldn't have had a better experience! He is knowledgable, very friendly and actually makes car buying fun. It was like working with an old friend! I highly recommend!

Susan - 2007 Mini Cooper S

Your dealership and customer service did not meet my expectations, you far surpassed what I was looking for. "Business as Usual" is not part of your vocabulary, you are utilizing a business model that puts your customer's wants and needs ahead of your own. To say that I am satisfied, does not adequately describe the experience I had with you. Making the car buying experience painless is a skill that is missing from other dealers, but you have in abundance. We had such a great time getting to know your business family. Everyone was extremely helpful and eager to help. I got what I wanted with the payment I wanted. Bravo, my friends. You are funny, caring and have phenomenal vehicles. I will be buying from you again.

Justin and Amy - 2008 Ford Mustang

"1st Class Service!!!" I just bought a car from 101 Auto Outlet and they treated me like family. Dennis and Scott are top notch honest guys that make the experience relaxed and no rush. They have great cars for exceptional deals and you can count on them to make sure the car buying experience is a fun one. Thanks guys for the good times and great car. Cheers! Justin and Amy

Sean - 2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Probably the best place to buy a used vehicle! When searching for used vehicles everyone has concerns of getting a quality vehicle. At 101 Auto Outlet you can kick your worry's out the door; the car I purchased was a steal!I love my car it was very affordable, low miles and in great condition!! From what I've seen all the cars are in good quality, their checked by a mechanic and their affordable!! Dennis and Scott are very helpful, no pressure and will make sure to get the car that's right for you. They're honest and it was a pleasure doing business with them. Highly Recommended!! If your looking for a used vehicle this is the first place I'd recommend!!! 5 stars!!!!

Emma and Tony - 2009 Cadillac CTS

"Hands down best car dealer in town." I was greeted by the staff right as I walked in, I never felt so comfortable with such friendly pleople. What I really liked was that they were not pushy the prices were unmatchable. I really want to thank Dennis and Scott for letting me experience my dream car thanks again!

Frawley - 2003 Jaguar S

"Absolutely Awesome!" I looked for several weeks to find a car that would fit my needs with not much luck. I happened to stumble into 101 Auto Outlet and they had everything I was looking for! They have an awesome inventory. I also received great service from Scott and Dennis. They made this purchase so easy for me that I was shocked! I highly recommend them if you are looking for someone to deal with that is a straight shooter, fair, and most importantly Honest. I know where I will START looking the next time I need a vehicle. I'm going to START at 101 Auto Outlet.

Derrick, Alysha and Alyiah - 2007 GMC Yukon

"Great Experience!!!" My girlfriend and I just purchased a vehicle from 101 Auto Outlet yesterday and we were both very pleased with the service. Scott and Dennis were very helpful and worked with us on trying to find the right vehicle. It was a great experience and felt like we were dealing with family in comparison to other dealerships that rush you into buying a car.

Jake - 2014 Honda Insight

"Best Car Dealer Buying Experience ever!" I have purchased 17 cars in my life. Only about 9 of them from a dealership. For the obvious cliche reasons, I stopped going to dealerships. They intimidate me in a way that I'm always fearful that I'm at a disadvantage... for good reason. Time and time again, this holds to be true. You hear a lot of promises from dealerships but rarely do you get the promised service after the sale. But Scott is amazing. He made me feel safe and comfortable with my purchase. I bought this car to use as a commuter and to use to drive some part time Uber. The Uber inspectors told me that I needed to address two minor issues in order for it to pass their rigid inspection. Scott had me bring it in no questions asked. He corrected the minor issues and gave me all the documentation I needed to submit to Uber. Truly a fantastic environment. Husband/wife owners who have an obvious passion about the quality of service they deliver to their customers. The next car I buy will be from these guys for certain.

John and Sarah - 2009 Ford Flex

"an experience that doesn't compare!" This place was awesome! Friendly people. Scott was amazing. We had previously gone to two other "big dealerships" and had horrible experiencenes. We just wanted someone to actually care and help us through the process. Thank goodness for 101 auto outlet!

Nancy - 2005 Dodge Magnum

"Satisfied " I had a great experience purchasing a vehicle I've always wanted. I never felt like I was being manipulated to pay a ridiculous price. We were greeted with a bottled water and the keys and was told to joy ride as long as we wanted. I was in a time crunch, no time to shop around and I never felt I was taken advantage of. My overall experience from the first phone call I made about my beautiful "Lucy" to a week later has been great and I hope to continue a solid business relationship with this dealership. THANKS TO YOU ALL FOR HELPING ME SOLVE THE SERIOUSLY STRESSFUL SITUATION I WAS IN! I don't have a worry in the world these days.

Christina - 2013 Subaru Impreza

"Fast and simple" Dennis really takes care of you! If you're looking for straight answer, no sales pressure, this is the place! Thank you for a wonderful experience

The Hunts - 2008 Honda Civic

"Guys at 101 auto outlet" GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE ! They were very friendly and helpful in every way and made me feel at home ! Great people !! Thank you so much for my new car I love it.

Jarrett - 2004 Ford Mustang

I want to personally thank CJ for taking great care of this beautiful Mustang GT! Scott and Dennis where very helpful and made sure everything was truly what I wanted! This is a great company and Next time I'm in the market I know who I will contact first! Thank you guys!

Ben and Sydni - 2012 Nissan Frontier

"Great experience, very painless" Car shopping is usually something I dread, but I'm really glad that I found the truck I wanted right away at 101 Auto Outlet. Scott and team are everything that you want in a dealership but with none of the bad stuff. I went in knowing specifically what I was looking for and they did an awesome job of making that happen. The whole process of test driving, discussing the terms, and signing the papers was extremely painless and they were very helpful along the way. I'd highly recommend going to this dealer and look forward to going to them for my maintenance needs.

Andrew - 2003 Honda Civic

A wonderful used car experience!!! Was able to trade in my previous vehicle and actually got more for it than I would have thought, as it was starting to have some issues. I was able to have a very friendly and honest transaction, I really felt like it was a good and friendly experience (as I have certainly gotten that skeezy vibe from dealerships all around the place, and it was refreshing to not feel that way at all here!) I got to leave with a very nice smooth sedan that will really serve me well, and all over I was very impressed with my experience here! At least check them out if you're looking for a used car because the folks at 101 Auto are going to be really laid-back and friendly, you can poke around at the cars and no one will try and pressure you like at a big dealership, it's wonderful!

Gina - 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Purchasing my Jeep from Scott and his team was like purchasing from a friend. There was no high-pressure sales pitch, and Scott is THE most honest "car salesman" I have EVER met! He made sure everything was affordable to me, and shopped around for the best financing. Even after the papers were signed, he went the extra mile to ensure I was completely satisfied (something big dealerships fail to do). I will definitely recommend 101 Auto Outlet to all my friends and family. Thank you, Scott and team, for the best car-buying experience ever.

Zac - 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt

Scott, thank you so much for the help with finding me my new car! It runs great and I love it so far!

Bob - 2000 Porsche Boxster

Great folks to do business with! All phases of the transaction went smoothly.

Michael - 2007 Chevy Silverado

"Great customer service Dennis was a big help" Good dealer ship help me find financing at a very good rate would recommend them to everyone. very friendly help me with all aspects of buying a vehicle.

Tammyand John - 2006 BMW 750Li

"Very honest and plays open cards." We purchased a BMW 750 LI from 101 Auto Outlet last week. The dealer was very honest about the value of our trade-in and continuously showed us the monitor while he was looking for its value. We love our Beamer! However, yesterday, we smelled gasoline. We called 101 auto outlet and they told us to bring it in right away. Their mechanics fixed it within a few hours while we didn't get charged at all! We are super happy with them and definitely can recommend them!

The Kingard's - 2007 Honda Odyssey

I've never felt more welcome! My family loves our Honda Odyssey!!!! Me and my husband have 4 children one being a newborn, we really needed a car with air conditioning and one that we could call Reliable. They thoroughly explained all the details about the vehicle and while waiting they made me and my children as comfortable as possible. My kids Love them! And they are truly awesome and honorable people! I would recommend this place to everyone!

Marcelo and Solange - 2008 Jeep Patriot

So happy with our Patriot! I recommended the 101!!

Teresa and David - 2008 BMW Z4

Scott and company HAS to be the BEST place to buy a car there is. NO pressure, No HASSLE and just all around great people. I think we changed our minds on like 4 trade in then a trade in and then changed the trade in....and non of it was a problem! We will be back for more cars! AND I will tell anyone that is looking for a car to come to 101 AUTO OUTLET and see Scott ( I already told 3 people and then have been looking on the website) he will hook you up!

Joe and Sarah - 2012 Mercedes GLK

"Made purchasing a vehicle enjoyable." My experience did not feel like I was at a typical dealership trying to buy a vehicle. I purchased a Mercedes Benz GLK350. The vehicle was priced extremely well. I am from Tucson, I spoke with Scott on the phone (very professional & friendly), and I dealt with (had the privilege of dealing with) Dennis at the dealership during the purchase process. It was a very low stress and an enjoyable experience. They had their act together. No waisted time and the entire process was to the point and made me feel like they actually cared about my experience. I have nothing but good things to say about these guys. Thank you Dennis and Scott for your professional and friendly treatment.

Cordero - 2012 Kia Sedona

"Best Used Car Buying Experience EVER!" We purchased a 2012 Kia Sedona from 101 Auto Outlet/Dennis Stark several months ago. I wanted the dust to settle before writing a review to make sure there were no snags around the corner-- I couldn't believe buying a used car could be so pleasant. There were NO tricks, NO disappointments about anything. It was a great experience! The next time we need a vehicle-- this is the ONLY place we will go. NO BULLYING, NO ARROGANCE,-- they act like regular human beings instead of vulture slime balls. Everything was clear and straight forward. Dennis Stark actually LISTENED about what we wanted and worked to get us where we wanted to be. No one was put-off that we had a one year old and a two year old with us. Some dealerships act as if they have never seen children before. I hate used car buying and consider just getting a bus pass rather than having to deal with used car salespeople. The prices are great and the people are great and friendly! Thanks Dennis!

Jason - 2001 Porsche Boxster

"Couldnt be happier" This dealership provides the ultimate car buying experience. Everyone there is as friendly and helpful as can be. No pressure whatsoever and they go the extra mile to make sure youre satisfied. As a business owner myself, i can honestly say, they do business the right way.

Keegan - 2007 Dodge Magnum

"Bought a 2007 Dodge Magnum on-line" I purchased a 2007 Dodge Magnum online from 101. I really trusted Dennis and made the purchase without seeing the car in person. Car arrived in NJ in the great shape Dennis had promised. The car went to school with my son 3 hours away with no problems. We're very happy - Thank you for your honesty.

Andres - 2003 Infiniti G35

"Freaking awesome service highly recommend" Seriously dont know were to start. These guys are another deal I felt like I was treated like family. Deniss Mr. Stark over here in the other hand went on and beyond with helping me get the car I wanted, eventhough i was having difficulties obtaining the car because of some false credit statements Mr. Stark (A.K.A Iron man) was patient enough to help me contact a varity of creditors to fix my problem and walk out of the door driving my car at a spectacular price. I really wanna give these guys a thank you for the great service and i highly recommend 101 auto outlet to anyone who is looking to purchase a nice clean and good looking car. Thanks again Dennis and Scott i appreciate the great service.

Lauren and Family - 2013 Mazda 3

"Friendly, honest dealership" They were kind and honest and easy to work with and there was no haggling over cost or long drawn-out sales pitches. I would definitely recommend them to any of my friends and family.

Pacer and Kiana - 2010 Chrysler 300

Scott and Dennis did an excellent job to work with the lenders and help me get into a Chrysler 300. I can't remember the last time a vehicle purchase was done so effortlessly and with no hassles. Thanks guys!!

Vu - 2010 Toyota Prius

"Great Deals & Great Service" After visiting several different car dealerships last weekend, my family stopped by 101 Auto Outlet and finally found what we've been looking for. While my dad was dealing with paperwork, they provided us with refreshments and made us feel right at home. Compared to the busy, bigger car dealerships, their family owned business made for a smooth, relaxing experience. So if you're on the search for great deals and super friendly service, then look no further because this is the right place!

Sierra - 2007 Hyundai Tucson

"My first car" I bought my first car and I love it! I was treated like family as I was walked through the process. There was no pressure and no problems. They helped me to get the best financing possible with no difficulty. What a pleasant experience! I wholeheartedly recommend 101 Auto Outlet

Aaron - 2014 Dodge Dart

Bought my first car here and it was honestly the easiest and best experience, so happy I chose them to buy my car from. Dennis was awesome!

Sam - 2012 Subaru Outback

Scott was great! He gave me a good deal and made it hassle free. It was quick and painless, I'd recommend 101 auto outlets to anyone! Thanks again scott!

Angelina - 2011 GMC Terrain

"No waisted time..." Scott and Dennis are straight and to the point. They were able to help me with out any games. They made doing business so easy. I really appreciate them. I recommend if your looking for a vehicle, you start here first. It may be the only place you need to go.

Seth - 2014 Subaru Forester

Buying the car was quick, easy, and painless. No hoops to jump through and everyone was as nice as you could be. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking to buy a used car. Well worth the drive from Flagstaff

The Garcias - 2008 Toyota Prius

"What a Fantastic experience" Everyone at 101 was extremely helpful and welcoming. My wife and I had been to a few used card dealers earlier in the day. When we arrived at 101 we expected the usual used card salesmanship experience we'd seen earlier. However, what we received was a relaxed and extremely friendly environment. No one tried to push us or lure us into buying with sign now tactics. Working with Scott & Dennis felt like having a friend walk around the place with you helping you pick out a car. We purchased our Prius from them and will definitely go back when we need a second car.

Brandon - 2007 Toyota Prius

The vehicle I bought was exactly as advertised. These guys treated me right and make the process quick and easy. I really liked doing business with them. Good people are hard to find.

Stephan and Maria - 2011 BMW 328i

"No reason to shop around, one stop here is a done deal." Greetings, was in the market for a high quality used BMW, Audi or Lexus. First off I am 1+ hours from Phoenix so shopping for a vehicle has some challenges. Found a beautiful 2011 BMW 328i at 101 Auto Outlet at an amazing price but being a smart consumer did not want to jump at the first deal that I found so visited three more dealership that ended up being a circus. Wanted to see an Audi 2011 A4, called the dealership and arranged a viewing, drove down spending $40 round trip in gas and when we arrived the vehicle was gone and they said it was sold a few days before so we got baited and switched to get us to come in. Next vehicle was a Lexus IS250 that was a great deal also and was interested in however the dealer did not want me to use my bank USAA which I had already been approved on and ran me around in circles trying to get me to finance through them, there was a few more vehicles after that and honestly was just wasting time and money because at the end of the day the first vehicle I looked at was at 101 Auto Outlet, the price was 20% under market value and the time I saw the vehicle Scott came in on a Sunday to show me the vehicle and after making the decision to purchase the vehicle Scott and Dennis stayed late until 8pm on a Tuesday night for me to come down after work and complete the paperwork. At no time was I jerked around, no funny numbers and run around. It was what car buying was meant to be. They had a great car at a great price and didn't give me any problems. I am very happy with my purchase and highly recommend Scott and Dennis at 101 Auto Outlet if your a buyer like me who is automotive knowledgable and doesn't like games.

Ken and Francene - 2008 VW Rabbit

***** I had done a lot of on-line shopping & research for a second vehicle. I found a vehicle and contacted Scott, who responded immediately We went to see the vehicle, but it wasn't what we wanted, so spoke with Scott and he pointed out another option. Although it was getting late, and past closing, he graciously stayed so that we could test drive the vehicle. The next morning, we decided that we wanted to purchase the vehicle, and he had all paperwork ready to go when we got there. The closing was, quick, easy, and one of the best car buying experiences I'd ever had. No Pressure! Gracious and friendly, with a great selection of well maintained vehicles. Highly recommend 101 Auto Outlet!!

Marybel - 2011 VW Jetta

I loved the welcome and the professional service. I got a good deal, I appreciate your help..blessings for your business

Nick - 2010 Audi A4

Thank you very much for your time! It was a wonderful experience and definitely earned future business! Happy new years!

Dan and Bailey - 2004 Toyota Tacoma

We went in to look for my boyfriends first truck and we were star struck with how helpful Dennis Stark was. He gave us all the information we needed for first time buyers AND got us a BANGING DEAL!! He was super friendly, everyone there was! Truly a great experience and we got a wonderful, super clean truck to take home! Thank you!!

Lynda and Kate - 2013 Kia Soul

This was the best car purchasing experience EVER !!! Thank you so much, we LOVE our new Kia Soul!!!

Ann - 2002 Honda Civic

"No Hassle - Easy Transaction" I was looking for an older model Honda just like the one I was currently driving. Found one here and they were so accommodating. They let me come pick up the vehicle and take it to my mechanic. Process was quick and easy and I feel that the deal I got was fair. If you are in the market for a new vehicle then I would start your search here.

Lawrence - 2005 Mercedes S430

***** One of the best purchase experience's I've had thank you

Tom and Deb - 2005 Toyota Sienna

***** "Couldn't ask for a nicer used vehicle and helpful staff" We had been looking for a used Toyota Sienna for some time. We had driven similar models at other dealerships. All were nice but not quite what we wanted. It seemed we had been driving all over the valley looking at vehicles and getting tired of the process. Luckily we saw that 101 Auto Outlet had just listed a Toyota Sienna XLE Limited with 87,000 miles. We inquired via e-mail and received a prompt response along with access to the carfax report from the dealership. We were pleasantly surprised to find that this 2005 Sienna was in excellent shape and with relatively low miles on it, exactly what we wanted. Scott was upfront about the price that he could go and Dennis was extremely helpful in arranging financing for us.......which turned out to be a better deal that what we could have gotten at the bank we normally use. Daphne followed up as promised with getting the necessary documents sent to where they needed to be sent. We had some follow-up questions that were promptly and courteously answered. We have since driven the vehicle to Colorado and back with no problems. We would highly recommend this dealership if you're looking to buy a used vehicle.

Eliza - 2006 VW Beetle

Eliza absolutely LOVES her new car. She said it's perfect and is totally her. Thank you for all your help, we greatly appreciate it and look forward to doing more business with you.

Mike - 2006 Subaru WRX

I had been looking for a car for a while, but I either could not find what I wanted or it wasn't fair price, plus dealing with a car salesman, or woman, is never fun. I found 101 Auto Outlet on On a whim I called, and asked if the Subaru WRX was still available. When I arrived I was greeted by Scott, and he put me in the car, and sent me for a test drive. When I came back Scott and I easily worked out a deal, and I left a very happy customer. That night the Check Engine light came on. I called Scott, and he sent me to a mechanic. The mechanic, found a small vacuum leak, and they had it fixed in a matter of hours. Scott gave me a car to drive while I waited, and he paid for the repairs. It's been about a week now, the car runs great, and I am grateful I purchased from 101 Auto Outlet. Scott, and the people there are honest and friendly. I would recommend them to everyone. A+++. Also, they sent me a handwritten thank you note with a $5 Starbucks gift card. It was unexpected, and really made me feel like a valued customer. Thanks guys! :)

Myles - 2006 Mini Cooper

Buying a car from these guys was a great experience. I used to sell cars, so its pretty easy for me to tell when a salesman isn't being genuine. The people here truly care and want to take care of you. It felt more like a "mom and pop" shop than a dealership when it comes to customer service.

Dave - 2015 Toyota Tundra

Great prices. Great service. I wouldn't buy a truck anywhere else!

Claudia - 2006 Honda Accord

***** Great people, made you feel comfortable I'm glad I purchased a car from you guys??

Susan - 2003 Mini Cooper

I was very impressed by the honesty of the entire purchase price down to title and licensing. The auto dealer is a step above the rest I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality used vehicle at a fair affordable price.

Evelyn, Dan and Curly Lambeau - 2001 Honda Civic

I Have been enjoying having wheels again! Want to thank you for offering Dan a good deal. I had no place to start looking, mainly because I really didn't know what I was looking. It was nice meeting you, if I ever have a chance to give a referral, I'll tell them about "101 Auto Outlet". Many people are asking me where I found the nice car. Thanks for the gift card also, another sign of a good business man! A happy customer, Dan's mom - Evelyn

David and Teresa - 2013 Kia Soul

Scott and company HAS to be the BEST place to buy a car there is. NO pressure, No HASSLE and just all around great people. I think we changed our minds on like 4 trade in then a trade in and then changed the trade in....and non of it was a problem! We will be back for more cars! AND I will tell anyone that is looking for a car to come to 101 AUTO OUTLET and see Scott ( I already told 3 people and then have been looking on the website) he will hook you up!

Wayne and Sam - 2006 Ford Mustang

The best experience buying a car we have ever had Scott really worked hard to get us the car we wanted. So laid back not pounced on when we first came in no pressure. Answered all our questions and got us the deal. Will highly recommend 101 auto outlet. Thanks

Heather - 2005 Toyota 4Runner

wish all car buying experiences were this easy and positive. We got a good deal on a great 4runner and smiled the entire time. Thank you!

Hannah - 2010 VW Jetta

Scott and Daphne are so honest and helpful! We had a great experience buying with them and I highly recommend giving them a visit.

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